Keeping God at the center of it all

I stopped seeing prayer as a plea session or a request session a long time ago. It is communion with the Lord. It is very much about listening and learning. It is time well-spent focusing on the Lord. The other morning during prayer, I went through a reflection period where I was meditating on my relationship with God. I came up with a conclusion that sounded obvious but I needed to hear it again. The conclusion was that I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by myself but I want to be overwhelmed by God. I don’t want to be bigger than God in my mind. When talking to God “I” should come after “You.” There is no need for my ego to be the center of my thinking. It is the case way too often and it’s a case that can take me down the path of spiritual and emotional disaster. “Away with the ego” is a message from the Bible. “Jesus at the center of everything” is how we should be living but it’s not a popular belief even among believers because we live in a society where we must come first and our needs have to be met first. We strive to be comfortable and to be happy at any cost. When we partner with the Holy Spirit and the Lord is our focus, He will make sure that we are comfortable and that we are happy but it has to come from Him and not from selfish acts. I recall a time when I thought that as long as I was happy and satisfied, I could be used by the Lord. It doesn’t matter how we feel. God is not in our feelings and in our emotions. He is Spirit and in the spiritual realm, emotions don’t matter. Today I want to encourage you to keep the Lord at the center of everything. Let Him be the overwhelming Person in your life. Not you but Him!



Jesus described Himself as the true vine and we are the branches. The vine gives life to the branches. It is the source of life for the branches. Jesus is our source of life. He is the vine that runs through our bodies. God the Father is the gardener who takes care of us the branches. What we have to keep in mind is that by definition the Lord is the center but what happens is that we take Him away from the center in practice when we put ourselves before Him. There is no one above the Lord and our ego needs to be suppressed and controlled. Our ego inflated by pride can create situations that keep us away from God. Pride was at the center of the fall of man. Pride is the enemy of compassion and love for others. Pride stands tall and looks at others with the eyes of disdain. Pride feels superior and it believes it can do it all. Pride doesn’t need God. Pride thinks it is above God. I have to deal with pride from time to time and when I feel it rise up, I feel a sickening feeling that is not from the Lord. Pride is not my friend and I want to make it clear that we are not on speaking terms. Embracing the Lord means distancing ourselves from pride. Jesus should always be on the throne. Let’s make sure that we dethrone our ego and we put the Lord on a pedestal.



I made up a saying that goes “If God is all I have and I don’t even have myself, He is all I need.” There is a strong need in the body of Christ to recognize that we are the body and He is the head. God being the head of the body is how the big picture should be captured. Putting God at the head of everything is putting Him where He belongs. He should be the head of our households, our places of work, our cars, our belongings and He should also be the head of our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts, our actions, our words and our spiritual structure. Our spiritual makeup or structure won’t be solid if God is not in the middle of it. The Lord is the centerpiece, the cornerstone. I also see Him as the door stopper. He keeps doors of blessings and bliss from closing when we have Him at the center of everything. I don’t want my blessings to go away. I don’t want signs and wonders to be quenched by my constant displacement of the Lord. Jesus is my life. He is the source of this amazing life I have in Him and I don’t want to minimize that. Keep Him at the center of all you do and say and you will see how positively He influences what you do and say. Let the vine be the vine and be the branches He expects you to be. Praise the Lord for being the centerpiece of your life!


Suggested reading: John 15:5; Philippians 4:13; Colossians 1:10








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