10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 78)

Where there is a will, God makes a way. Let God’s will be your way. Be willing to go God’s way!

Don’t dwell in the fear zone! God has a whole area set up for you where hope, faith and joy live. Stay in the God zone!

Trouble will come. Trouble will hit but God will cause trouble to disappear as you hit it back with praise and faith. Cause trouble to your trouble with God!

A man can walk a thousand miles and find nothing at the end of the journey or he can walk a thousand steps and find Jesus throughout the journey. God is not in the distance. He is in every step!

Drinking water from the wrong fountain can make us sick. Drinking water from the wrong fountain of wisdom can make our spirit sick. Be sure that God is always your fountain for true wisdom come from Him and it is health to your spirit and soul!

Clap when you see love. Clap when you see justice. Clap when you see kindness. Clap when you see hope. Clap when you see deliverance. Clap when you see faith. Clap back at the enemy when you see him clap hands with hatred and chaos.

Two is better than one. Make sure you are always with someone who makes you a better you for the Lord.

Dance for the Lord. Dance because of the Lord. Dance in harmony with the Lord and you will dance better than the world.

True love is hard to find but when you find the Lord you find the love that will always be true and that will always protect you.

Turn away from your old ways. Turn to God and He will give you new ways!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:10; Hebrews 11:1; James 2:19

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