What is success according to God?

God has everything you need and everything God has is something you need. You might be looking for a way to make ends meet today so know that God has the best way to make it happen. His desire is that you get closer to Him and that you get to know Him. As you make that your goal, you will discover that God has everything you need in this life including the things you don’t know you need. The process of getting to know God will lead you down the road of success in life. Success can be defined as wealth, brilliant education, beauty and popularity. With God you will find out that His definition of success is not the same as the world’s definition. The world created its definition of success (the one mentioned above) while God had a definition set in stone a long time ago. What is God’s version of success? Success in general is the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. Our aim in life in God’s eyes is that we love Him with all our hearts and that we love others as ourselves. His purpose for our lives varies according to who we are and He has made us all uniquely amazing and He has given us a custom-made purpose. Many would argue that not everyone is amazing. Let God be the judge of that. He loves everyone and sees beauty in every single person. If only we could have His eyes, we would see the world in a different light and peace would prevail. I want to lead a successful life. I want my life to resonate with God’s definition of success. I want to get as close to Him as I can. I want Him to be my everything and I want everything He has to be what I am after.


If we go with God’s definition of success, the world can see us as failures especially if we ignore the world’s views on success. I would like to get to the point where the world’s views don’t affect me. I am a work in progress when it comes to that but there is progress. The Holy Spirit is steering me in the right direction away from the world’s desires and closer to the Lord’s heart. It’s sad to see that people who have made it in this world on a professional level are regarded as stars or as some of the best people in the world. Wealth shouldn’t be a criterion when we rank people. There should be no rank. God is no respecter of people. To Him there is no number one person in this world. The richest man alive is not God’s favorite person. The most attractive person in the world is not God’s most beloved person. No matter what we do or have, we can never make God love us more because He already loves us more than we will ever know. Beauty and money won’t buy us a special place in Heaven. Degrees and medals won’t secure us a mansion in Heaven. All these things are good. Don’t get me wrong but they shouldn’t be used as measuring sticks for success. What good is it to have all the money in the world if we don’t have Jesus?


Having Jesus as my Savior is my success story. He made me who I am today and every day He makes me love Him even more. I am not a millionaire and I didn’t go to Harvard but I am rich in the Kingdom because I am attached to the King of Kings and I am doing my best to love Him and love my neighbors. The success we can all reach comes from being dependent on God. That is true success. A life lived by faith and not by sight is a successful life. A life lived in love and not in hate is a successful life. Take faith and love together and you will have a powerful life. There is nothing better than to be totally under what I call “the God influence.” I desire to be under the God influence as much as possible so my actions, my deeds, my thoughts and my words are impacted by God. I want to be under His influence so the world around me can be touched by His presence. The God influence makes one’s life rich on all levels. With His influence you will be guided in all you do. You will receive wisdom, love, peace and joy. Long for the God influence and your life will be a great success. Success is found in the Lord and not in the world. Enjoy success every day as you walk with the Lord every day! Live your life in humility and the Lord will lift you up and set you up on a high level of success as you make Him the apple of your eye.


Suggested reading: Psalm 37:4; Proverbs 16:3; James 4:10


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