Do you have a powerful toolbox?

As a kid I was always fascinated by the tools in the toolbox we had at home. This toolbox had different compartments. In one compartment you could find nails, in another one there were screwdrivers, a big compartment had a hammer in it and other smaller ones contained all kinds of tools. When something was broken in the house, the toolbox is what we resorted to. When something needed to be built, the toolbox was our go-to kit. One day a repairman came to the house with his own toolbox and with what looked like a “tool belt.”  His tools were more sophisticated than ours and he seemed to have a lot more than we did. It dawned on me that more tools existed and we were short on some valuable tools. These days a toolbox is not only a container for keeping tools but it is also a set of software programs and functions that make navigating the internet easier. It makes me think of how we all need to have a spiritual toolbox to help us navigate this life. God has tools for you and me to use. The question is, what does your toolbox look like? What functions are you accessing from God? Is your toolbox man-made or God-made? God is powerful and almighty. How powerful is your toolbox? Do you have many tools in different compartments or do you have the bare minimum?


Some of the basic tools God give can appear to be small but they are mighty and strong. God gives us nails. Nails are small metal spikes that can be driven into wood or other materials. What do God-given nails look like? They are spiritual spikes that can be driven into life’s toughest parts. Those nails are the fruit of the Spirit. The biggest nail is love. Love can drive hate away. When life pesters you with hatred and violence, love can make a hole into those difficult times. When we stand in love instead of aligning with hate, love will win every battle. Use the nails of kindness and goodness and force your way through the walls of evil and wickedness. The world could benefit from the power of those nails all the time. Patience is another nail that can be driven into life’s trying materials. When life presents you with a situation that seems impossible, drive the nail of patience into it. Take out the nail of joy and pierce sadness and sorrow. Drive the nail of peace into chaos and confusion. When temptation arises, make a hole in it with the screwdriver of faithfulness and the nail of self-control. Faith is another powerful nail that will always perforate doubt.



My advice to you is that you meditate on God’s tools and that you keep them close to you at all times. You will need them to fix parts of your life or to build strongholds against the enemy. The stronghold I believe we should always work on building is the stronghold of love. Let’s get all the tools we have to build that ark of love. We need a sturdy structure that will stand the test of time. We need to have a solid core of love because love is what the Lord is all about. As long as our core is strong, the rest will follow. Miracles, gifts and blessings will come when our core is God-centered, love-centered. That is where true power lies. It requires a strong hammer. My hammer is a combination of prayer, praise and faith. This dynamic trio helps me push the nails of God into every situation. Prayer keeps me connected to God. Praise keeps me grateful to God and faith keeps me grounded in God. Love is the best nail but I also see it as a hand. We can’t use most of the tools without our hands. Our hands are tools as well. Love is what allows us to hold tools with our hands. Our hands need to be loaded with love in order to function well. Work on your spiritual toolkit. Keep it handy and thank the Lord for it! Don’t make up your own tools. Use the Lord’s. have as many compartments in your toolbox as possible. God will give you what you need to fill them.


Suggested reading: Psalm 46:1; Isaiah 61:3; Galatians 5:22


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