More spiritual tools for your toolbox

Yesterday I focused on the tools that the Lord gives us. Our spiritual toolbox is a great resource we should be utilizing as much as possible. Today I want to add to your box by mentioning a couple more tools. The helmet of salvation is a tool that should always be kept on. Salvation was bought for us by Jesus on the cross and when we have Him as our Savior, salvation becomes a permanent habitation. We don’t live under eternal condemnation anymore. We inhabit the territory of salvation that the Lord provided for us. However, we too often live our lives as if salvation weren’t our home. We step in and out of it and we spend more time outside of it. It’s easy to get carried away by the affairs of life and forget about our new life in Christ. The world can seem so dominant and so present that we lose track of the beautiful life with Christ where we truly belong. I want to encourage you to use all the tools the Lord has brought to your attention. Use the ones you know and pray to become aware of the ones you have yet to discover. Before you know it, your toolbox is going be loaded and ready for you to use every day. You will be able to fix the damages that the enemy causes and you will be able to build strong foundations that will keep you safe and protected in the Lord’s arms.


The helmet of salvation is like a stop sign. It’s a sign that tells the enemy that you belong to the Lord. He has to stop and turn around. He has to stop and fear. I like the idea of the stop sign because it is red and white. It is red like the blood of Jesus. His blood is all over your helmet of salvation and the enemy hates the blood of Jesus. He goes into convulsions when he sees what you are wearing. It is a nightmare for him. Then he notices the white on the stop sign. The white is for purity and holiness. You have that in you. You have the blood of Jesus covering you and you have the power to be holy and to be white as snow. You were forgiven and washed by the blood of the Lamb and now you are whiter than white. The stains of sins cannot hold you back. You may wonder how come the enemy can still play around with us, tempt us and torture us. One of the reasons it still happens is because we don’t have faith in the helmet of salvation. We don’t believe in it fully and therefore we don’t wear it. What we wear more often is the helmet of fear and confusion or the helmet of the world. We adopt the world’s ways and we blend in when we should be standing out because of our salvation in the Lord. We are not taught about salvation enough. We often think that it starts when we go to be with the Lord. Salvation is here and now and that red and white sign is for us to carry everywhere we go.



Another tool I want to mention today is the trumpet of joy and victory. Picture a trumpet you can play day and night and that announces the joy of the Lord and victory in Christ. It is a trumpet that you can blow loud and proud and that reports blessings, good things to come and the goodness of God all the time. This trumpet symbolizes praise and worship. It is an instrument of deliverance and peace. The Lord inhabits our praises and when we use the trumpet of praise, He comes to the scene. His majesty shows up. Joy comes rushing in. Peace takes a front seat and stays with us. Love invades our space and hope follows us. There is a tremendous power in praise. When I don’t know what to do anymore, I just praise. I dust off the sadness and the sorrow and I let praise shine like a bright light in the middle of darkness. I have had my share of fighting through the pain until I could hold the trumpet of praise and blow it again. It is always worth it. It is always the best solution. Praise is a tool like no other. It pleases the Lord and it annoys the enemy. It celebrates love and it puts hate to shame. It lifts up our spirits and it brings down angels. It makes a way where there is no way. Praise is one of my favorite tools and I don’t mind having a trumpet in my toolbox. It is a lot more powerful than it looks.



To conclude this message on the tools of the Lord, I want to remind you that the Sword of the Spirit is a tool that always conquers. The Sword of the Spirit is a weapon against the enemy and his cohort. The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. Don’t forget to read it. Don’t forget to study. Don’t forget to meditate on it. It will change your life and it will bless you greatly. Wield the Word of God with care and guard it with your heart as the precious treasure that it is. Enjoy God’s tools, keep building love and keep fixing this world that desperately needs the handy man and the handy woman that you are in Jesus’ name!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 59:17; Ephesians 6:17; 1 Thessalonians 5:8


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