Let your faith claim what’s yours

I landed in San Diego two days ago. When I was waiting for my suitcase at the baggage claim, I noticed that a lot of people were just standing around not paying attention to the bags. It was as if they didn’t care about what belonged to them. They were chatting away and laughing while bags and suitcases were being delivered on the belt. They were forming a wall between the bags and me. I couldn’t really see if my suitcase was there. I decided to go through the wall of people and claim my belongings. It reminded me of how in life we often have to claim what belongs to us. There are blessings waiting to be claimed. Faith helps us claim our blessings. It is the hand that reaches up and grabs our belongings from Heaven. It keeps us centered in the truth and it gives us the hope we need. We can receive blessings and miracles when our faith is active. The key is to make sure it is activated. Faith is an operative system that should be switched on. I switch on faith by hearing from the Word of God and acting on it. I hear about the Lord and I read His promises. Each promise is like a suitcase on that conveyor belt. If you wait for it patiently with hope, it will turn up. If you ignore it, you might miss it. If you don’t think it will ever come, it won’t come. Doubt will keep your belongings from being delivered. Today I want to encourage you to claim what’s yours in Jesus’ name. Claim your belongings. Don’t stand passively on the sideline while your belongings are passing you by. Be active in faith. Be a doer of the Word and not just a listener. Grab your suitcase of blessings with faith!

We sometimes try to define faith through human standards. We hear about how someone exercises his or her faith and we imitate it. If the faith being displayed is based on the Word of God, we are following the truth but if the faith we see is founded on human grounds, we might fall into the quicksand of man-made faith. It’s a faith that was birthed outside of God and that is not solid. Faith has to be from God. We ought to know what to base our faith on. God’s promises are not man’s promises. God promises to bless us and prosper us in all our ways. Man’s promise can be believing that if we are good, we will get what we want. We get what we need because of the Lord. Putting faith in good deeds is not putting faith in God. Good deeds are important but they don’t justify why we receive from God. We receive from Him through His Son Jesus Christ. He is the author of our faith. The blessings that are circling around on the conveyor belt of life are not there because we have been good citizens. They are there because Jesus paid the price that provided everything. You can claim your breakthrough and your blessings in Jesus’ name. You are entitled to deliverance, to freedom and to blessings in His name. Believe it and claim

it in His name.

I could claim anything and want anything but it doesn’t mean that I will get it. I will get what is in line with God’s Word. The Lord knows best and the Lord knows how to get what we need to us. If we don’t get what we need despite believing and confessing the right things, we might be claiming what’s not ours. We might be trying to grab someone else’s suitcase or a suitcase that doesn’t exist. Claiming someone’s else suitcase can’t end well. We will have clothes that don’t belong to us and items that we will probably not need. Waiting for a suitcase that is never delivered ends up in disappointment and it can’t hurt our faith. It makes us wonder whether God loves us or not and it messes up our belief system. Let’s hope for and believe for what is realistic with the Lord. This means that our hopes should be high and our expectations should be big. The suitcase we should be waiting for should exceed our biggest dreams and it should be a God-size suitcase. Your blessings are abundant and they are immense. At least that’s how the Lord sees them. Claim God-size miracles. Claim suitcases that have expendable compartments inside. Study the Word of God. It will help you get a clear picture of what belongings you can anticipate. Thank the Lord for His suitcases. Wait for them patiently. Praise Him while you are waiting and share your belongings once you get them. Claim the best in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Matthew 7:7-8; Mark 11:24; Ephesians 3:20

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