Receiving the gladness of God

One of the songs I received during prayer recently is called “God is glad.” That is the title that seems the most appropriate. It’s not a song you will find on iTunes but it’s a song that was dropped in my heart. I get songs on a regular basis during prayer time or as I go about my day. The music and the lyrics fill up my heart to the point where I can hear the song in my head for hours. The lyrics of this song are “Jesus, Jesus He has peace and joy galore. Peace and joy galore. He is glad.” I wish I could record it. I do sing it out loud and it makes me very joyful. The main message of this song is that God is a joyful God. He is happy. He is glad. He is filled with peace and joy. Peace and joy are two of the fruit that God desires to see grow in our lives. Joy is much more important than we think. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. It is. It will help you fight the battle of faith. It will make you focus on the positive. It will center you in God. It will share the heart of the Lord. It will give you the power to conquer pain, sadness, sorrow and defeat. It is an injection of God into your spiritual body. Once it is inside you, it will manifest on the outside. God’s joy is also contagious. It can go viral if you let it take over. I want to encourage you today to learn about the joy of the Lord and to receive the gladness of God.

If you often feel heaviness and you can’t seem to find peace and joy, check your spiritual barometer and ask the Lord to help you change the temperature. He will make it so hot that sadness and fear will melt away. He will make it feel so comfortable that peace will come in and joy will stay. He will keep your life in balance and you won’t have to change the thermostat again. God has peace and joy galore. It’s an understatement. He invented them. He embodies them. Where God is, there is joy. Rubbing elbows with God implies that joy will rub off on us. If we don’t get joy when we seek God, we are looking for Him in the wrong places. I have talked about jumpstarting joy before. I find that if joy is not easy to reach I have to jump on the road of joy. I get into joy mode by thinking about happy moments. I recall joy. I remember joyful times. I call on joy by bringing joy up in my memory and it works. It triggers joy and it allows me to connect with joy even when I feel down. Joy should be kept like a treasure. It is very precious. It is very special. The enemy will always try to steal our joy so we should guard it with all our heart.

I keep joy at the forefront of my life. I embrace it and I do my best to stay joyful. I start the day with positive affirmations and joy is part of what I talk about. I thank God that His joy is in my life. I tell Him how grateful I am for having joy. Then I get into praise mode and joy invades my space. The Holy Spirit invades my room. He is in the praises. He is in the joy. God is so joyful and so happy. I used to picture Him as a sinister God but He is full of bliss and joy. He is alway at peace and He always has joy. If you lack joy, go to God and you will be touched by joy. Open your arms to the gladness of God. Develop a joy mentality. Keep associating God with joy. He is glad to be with you. He is glad you exist and your existence makes Him joyful. Start thinking that way. Start thinking about how you make God so happy. Receive His gladness by asking Him for it, thanking Him for it and waiting for it to manifest. Stay in praise mode as much as you can and the gladness of the Lord will be commonplace to you. You can receive the gladness of the Lord every day. It’s not just for Sunday. It’s available 24/7. Get your praise on and be glad in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8:10; Psalm 32:11; Luke 1:14

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