You are on the right side of the fence

I live in an area where there are a lot of houses with fences. The houses are gorgeous and the properties are big. I love how it reminds me of how we dwell in the house of the Lord and we stay on His property. Our lives are also in the garden that the Lord maintains if we let Him. We live in the house of the Lord every day and not just on Sunday at church. I think we tend to forget that. The house of the Lord should be regarded as our permanent location. We live with the Lord and the Lord lives in us through His Spirit. God’s house is my permanent address. That is where you will find me. I don’t want to stray and venture. I don’t want to live in someone else’s house but at times my mind wanders and takes me where I shouldn’t go. I jump the fence of the Lord’s property and find myself in dangerous neighborhoods. I believe it is best for me to stay on this side of the fence inside the Lord’s property. Temptation can come fast and furiously and make us all want to be on the other side of the fence. Like they say, “the grass is greener on the other side” but that seducing green color can be very deceiving. The grass in someone else’s backyard can look very appealing and it can be the object of envy but with the Lord we are always where we should be. Today I want to remind you that you are on the right side of the fence. Explore your house. Explore God’s house instead of eyeing the neighbors’ house. Embrace what you have and stay put. You are in the right place at the right time. God has a myriad of blessings for you as you remain where you belong. His house is more than enough!

They say that a house is not always a home. A house can just be considered a place to sleep, eat and unwind a bit. It doesn’t always have that home and nurturing feeling. I love that my house is my home. It is my nurturing place, my abode of peace and my place of joy. I am thankful to God for my home and I love being there. It is a mirroring of the house of the Lord. My permanent habitation is the house of the Lord and it is even more nurturing and welcoming than my physical home. It is where God’s heart is and where my heart is as well. My spirit is in the house of the Lord side by side with the Holy Spirit. In God’s house is where I find my purpose, my vision for life, my strength, my refuge, and my comfort. I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever just the way David describes it in Psalm 23. I stay in the house by fellowshipping with the Master of the house every day. I stay in the house by being a guest of the Holy Spirit. I stay in the house by praising and worshiping in every room. I stay in the house by looking for peace and comfort in the house. When my head gets chaotic, I remind my mind that I dwell in the house of the Lord. I go to my room of worship and I sing to the Lord a new song. The house of the Lord has all that I will ever need. I don’t need to leave and I don’t need to invite any negative guests such as fear and doubt. The house of the Lord is the house of love and there is no fear in perfect love.

There are mansions not far from my house and I have imagined how nice it would be to live in one of them. Then I was reminded that my house was a gift from the Lord and I should enjoy it and rejoice in it. I have peace where I am and people living in mansions could be leading disastrous lives but from where I am I can’t spot the disaster. I only see the greener grass. The house of the Lord is a mansion. It’s a mansion where peace reigns and joy abounds. It is perfect for me. I am still learning how to make sure I don’t want to have what I don’t have because God gives me what I need. Being on the right side of the fence is an amazing realization. It has allowed me to close the door in the face of many troubles. It has kept me content and it has enabled me to learn more about the goodness of God. His goodness is in His house where I belong. My goal is to visit every room and appreciate them all. My goal is to dwell in the house and exalt God for who He is. My goal is to cultivate the yard the Lord gave and let the fruit of the Spirit grow. Friend, God has given you the perfect house for you. Don’t look beyond the fence. Don’t wish for what others have. You have exactly what’s best for you. The Lord knows it and I believe it. Enjoy being on the right side of the fence. Home is where the heart is and God is in your heart!

Suggested reading: Psalm 23:6; Psalm 27:4; 2 Corinthians 5:1

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