Pray so your life gets louder

The other day I read the saying “When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel.” I find it to be very inspirational. It captures what all of us should do in times of trials (and in times of peace as well). Kneeling, praying, should truly be a daily activity. I don’t see it as a chore or a repeated activity that I need to do out of obligation. It is a pleasure. It is an honor to pray. It is a blessing. If prayer has become part of a boring routine, if it feels like one more thing to do every day, please read this message. Prayer is talking to God and hearing from God but it is also a breath of life into our own lives. Prayer changes us, it changes the atmosphere and it will change your life for sure. You can’t pray every day from the heart and not see an improvement in your life. Attach faith to your prayers. Wrap your prayer in the cloth of love. Get into prayer with joy. Let the peace that accompanies prayer overwhelm you. Prayer will tear into your worst times and build the best times in your life. Prayer will get you closer to the heart of God and it will cover you with protection and with favor.


God made us so we could be in fellowship with Him and prayer is a big part of that. Your life will get louder when you make prayer part of your daily routine with a good disposition. When I say your life will get louder, I mean that it will have brighter colors. It will smell like a fresh garden right from Heaven. Your life will taste like the sweet fruit of the Spirit. You will hear the voice of the Lord on the regular. You will see your life transforming in front of your very eyes. I know very few habits as powerful and as amazing as prayer. Today I want to encourage you to pray more. Pray knowing how much your life and the life of people around you will be affected. Pray louder. Not by turning up the volume of your words but by making it a habit that is a genuine part of your life. You can get louder in your prayers when you get more serious about it. Let your prayers give your life a new tone, a new tune, a new trend. Pray until your life is loud with the voice of the Lord through your words, your intentions and your heart’s cry!

I understand that it is not usual for you to think of your life as something that can get louder. However, your life does have a voice. Your life speaks volumes. Your life talks about who you are and what you believe in. Your life is a cry for attention or a shout of victory. Your life screams about the fruit it produces. If your life produces little fruit, it will not be very loud. It won’t get noticed in the hallways of Heaven. If your life produces a lot of fruit, it will get noticed wherever you go and it will all be for God’s glory. Don’t you want to have a life that glorifies the Lord loud and clear all the time? It is one of my goals and I am excited about the prospect that my life is going to get louder for the Lord. I want people to hear about Jesus by just looking at my life. Prayer is where it starts. It’s during those private moments that I build my wings and I sharpen my skills. Prayer is a time of impartation from the Lord. His impartation is supreme because it is a part of Him. It is a fragment of who He is and that fragment will go a long way.

When you read the Bible, you notice that Jesus prayed. If Jesus prayed when He was on earth, we should definitely pray as well. Jesus prayed with confidence. He personified 1 John 5:14 that says that if we approach God with confidence, we can ask anything knowing that He hears us. Prayer should be conducted with faith. Your prayer said in faith can do anything. It can touch your life and give it a makeover. One prayer that is dear to my heart is ‘Lord, make me more like You.” How incredible it is that we can ask that and expect to see it happen? When you pray every day with that request in your heart, your life will change because the Lord will change you on the inside and you will see life very differently. That prayer will give a coat of fresh paint to your life. You won’t be under the dominion of life events, you will be in control with the power of God to assist you. Your life will get much better. You will know what to do in each situation and you will approach difficulties with peace, treat people with love and infuse joy in all you do. Your life will speak loudly about God through your actions and your words because you pray all the time. Enjoy your daily time with the Lord. He certainly enjoys hearing from you!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11; Ephesians 6;18; 1 John 5:14

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