For all God has done for you

I was reading Psalm 52 the other day after being led to read it and the last verse stayed with me for some time. The Word of God is manna from Heaven. It is food for our spirits, bodies and souls and I was getting a nice helping of delicious food through that verse. It was so good that I chewed on the wisdom in the verse for a while. I let it touch my soul and invigorate my spirit. It made my body feel all tingly and excited. Verse 9 of Psalm 52 is joyful and full of hope. It was what I needed to hear on that day. It put more encouragement in my mind and it neutralized the thoughts that were trying to derail my day. God’s Word has the power to nullify the attacks of the enemy on our minds and give us peace. I wasn’t feeling chaotic but because I was tired I was starting to slip into the wrong frame of mind. Once your mind is occupied by negativity, it doesn’t take long for the negativity to spread to your spirit, to the words you say and to your actions. Verse 9 reminded me of how unique praising God is and how worthy the Lord is to be praised. It says “For all You have done I will always praise You in the presence of Your faithful people. And I will hope in Your name for Your name is good.” Today I want to encourage you to remember what God has done for you and to see it as reason enough to praise Him forever. I want to also remind you that it is important to have hope in His name. The power in His name will never change!



Do you ever sit down and think about all the wonderful things that the Lord has done for you or do you spend more time going over the bad things that have taken place in your life? I have to be honest and say that before six years ago I was an expert at overthinking and holding on to bad memories. I could spend hours recalling failures, losses and tribulations. I was very good at seeing the cup half empty and not half full. I was the king of hopeless thoughts and the prince of worry. Then in 2013 after my spiritual encounter with the Lord, things changed for the best. I understood the importance for me to keep my mind clear of thoughts and ideas that contradicted the Lord. I received a major dose of optimism and hope as I drew closer to Jesus. It doesn’t mean that I stopped having wandering thoughts. I have to work on my mind all the time but I know how to stop the deluge of negativity and how to stay grounded in the Lord. Reminding myself all of the goodness of the Lord in my life has worked wonders. It’s like I am shaking off all the negativity from my mind and I am putting things back in place the way the Lord likes it. Nothing is impossible to God and He has proven that over and over in my life so I remind myself over and over. I need to do that more and verse 9 was a great reminder and motivator for that. The Lord saved my life. That is good enough for me to praise Him for life. You see, we tend to praise and worship when all is good and when something pleasant just happened to us. Now, we should be praising God just because He is God. Our circumstances shouldn’t influence our level of praises. Our amazing God should be dictating our level of praises and that level should always be high.


I have made up my mind that God deserves my praises no matter what is going on in my life. What God has done for me so far will have a lasting impact on my life and if He were to do nothing else, I would be content. However, God is not going to stop, friend. Remember what He has done for you and be assured that He is going to do even greater things  because He adores you. He is a God of His Word! He keeps His word and He is faithful. When God says there is power in His name, it is the truth. How often do you use His name? How often do you pray in His name? His name means everything. Praise His holy name. Sing His name. Worship His name. Use His name in all situations. Have hope in His name. There is no greater name than the name of Jesus. Exalt His name. Have confidence that when you say the name of Jesus, the Father hears you. The Lord’s name is a key into Heaven that opens a door of blessings for you on Earth. The name of Jesus is the name that got you into Heaven. It is the name of your salvation. Your life is in the Lord. You can keep hoping that your God is going to protect you, bless you and love you. The name of Jesus is good and it should be used for good. Religion has abused the name of Jesus to pursue its own agenda. Let the world know that Jesus’ name is still good. Show the world that Jesus is good. Praise the Lord with His believers and don’t forget to share Him with the world in the name of love. For God has done great things for you, my friend. Don’t forget that. Praise Him for that. Acknowledge His name for that!


Suggested reading: Psalm 52; Psalm 145:1-2; Proverbs 18:10


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