Not all battles are yours

Do you ever feel like you are fighting your way through life? Do you find that you are in a constant battle for survival? The Lord fights our battles. He won all the wars we will ever be in and He took care of all our problems on the cross. The battle is not yours. It is the Lord’s and He did what He had to do to settle it all for good. What happened on the cross and the Lord’s resurrection are not only the biggest demonstration of love you will ever know but they are also the most powerful events that will ever take place. Now, the fact that the Lord fights our battles doesn’t mean that we don’t have any battles or fights of our own. The main fight we need to engage in daily is the good fight of faith. There are other battles that we need to fight on a regular basis but the good news is that the Holy Spirit is there to assist us. Jesus gave us His Spirit so we could maneuver through life in victory. Some battles are ours but so is the victory in Jesus’ name.



If you are fighting battles today, be reminded by this message that victory is the outcome. You are not going to struggle forever. The battle you are fighting might not be the right one. You are not going to make things get better because you are a nice person. Your kindness is not going to win the battle. You are not going to make it based on your good heart. You are going to make it because of Jesus. Your battle is to stay in faith like I said and to trust God with every situation. Anything that comes up should be given to the Lord. Don’t carry the weight of the battles for no reason. Don’t load yourself up with worry and fear. Those bad agents will rob you of the victory. Declare victory all the time in Jesus’ name and keep fighting the good fight. Let me tell you about a couple of other battles that are ours.



The battle of humility is more real than we think. We must stay humble every day. Ego and pride will always get in the way of our faith. Fighting the battle of humility is primordial. Why? We have to be humble enough to surrender to God. His sovereignty over our lives is extremely important. Walking hand in hand with the Lord implies submission and surrender on our part. Trusting Him with all our hearts can be achieved when we are humbly surrendered to Him. I have seen how believing that I had all the answers never worked for me. Taking matters into my own hands as option number one has failed miserably. God should always be option number 1. As a matter of fact, He should be option number 1, 2, 3 and 4. God should be our only option. When we keep choosing Him, we keep choosing victory. When we keep choosing Him, we keep choosing a great win.



The battle against fear is another daily battle. God’s love for us is perfect and there is no fear in perfect love. This means that we should trust God to the point where fear is banned from our lives. It’s not easy. It is a tough battle but with God nothing is impossible. The Holy Spirit will permeate you with peace that demolishes all fear. As you stay focused on Jesus, fear will hate spending time with you. You will create an enemy for life. Fear will try to come back and settle in your heart but your submission to the Lord will lift up the burden of fear. Stay in the Lord and fear will stay away from you. Speak against it. Give it time out every time it attempts to take up your time. Fear is not a friend. Fight against it in the name of the Lord. The Lord’s love has conquered fear. Keep receiving that promise.



Another battle I can think of is giving the sacrifice of praise. Praising God is so powerful and so amazing. I talk about it all the time because we should be doing it all the time. If we could realize how majestic and how profound it is, we would stay in praise mode 24/7. It’s hard to praise the Lord when we are having problems. It’s hard to praise Him when we are busy that is why it is described as a sacrifice in the Bible. It is a good sacrifice. It’s sacrificing the flesh so that our spirits can be connected to God even more. Praise connects us to the Lord and it keeps us in His presence. It shows us the victory before we see it. Praise is the winning anthem of our lives in Christ or at least it should be. Make it a priority to praise the Lord. Your victory is in your praises. Keep praising and keep exalting the One who has won all your battles. Not all battles are yours. Fight the good fight of faith, fight the battle of humility, stay strong against fear and praise your way to victory. Let the Lord fight all your other battles. Trust in Him!


Suggested reading: 1 Timothy 6:12; Ephesians 6:10-18; Hebrews 13:15-16

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