You deserve God’s best

Isn’t it nice when someone tells you that you deserve the best that life has to offer?  I love hearing that but I sometimes wonder what the best looks like. What is the best that life can offer me? Is it different from the best that the Lord can offer me? I understand that the best life can offer is the best that the world can offer and not necessarily what the Lord can give. What do you choose?  I opt for the best the Lord has to offer. That is the wish I want to hear people say and what I wish to everyone. Life has so much to offer but the Lord has much more. Life has a set of offerings that could jive with the Lord’s offerings. What is best for the Lord can look like foolishness to the world. I want all I can get from God even if it makes me stand out. What God gives is so amazing and beautiful. The world has counterfeit versions of God’s best. The peace the world can give you doesn’t compare to the Lord’s. The love you will find in the world is an imitation of the Lord’s love. It is not bad but it can’t compare. Think of everything the world gives that is good and multiply its goodness by a thousand. Now, all good things come from the Lord but when they are filtered by people, they can have a less powerful effect. If you are looking for peace and you ask people for it, they will give you what they can but there could be some limitations to what they have to offer. Go to God and He will fill your life with peace like never before. God believes that you deserve the best peace He has to offer. Get on the same wavelength. Believe that you deserve the best the Lord has to offer and you will start seeing goodness on steroids poured into your life. God loves you and He believes you deserve the best He has to offer!



It’s good to let God’s love be a reminder of what He wants for us. When you love someone, you want him or her to be happy and to have a good life. God wants you and me to be happy and to have a good life. He wanted us to have eternal life and to make that happen He sent His Son so we would have life in abundance. The life God has to offer is abundant in goodness and in joy. His life is wrapped around by the arms of love and you can be sure that God’s arms are huge and they can go around you over and over again with a powerful infusion of love. Whatever you need or desire is not too big for God. Whatever you deserve is not impossible to God. God can give you anything that is in line with His Word at any time. He doesn’t need anyone’s help to get you what you need. He can use anyone to bring it to pass but it doesn’t mean that He needs humans to execute His divine plans. Do you know that you and I are undeserving of God’s love and yet He loves us more than we will ever know? We sin all the time. We miss the mark all the time. We have shortcomings and imperfections but yet the Lord adores us.  According to Him we deserve His best but we short-circuit what is rightfully ours with unbelief and with our lack of knowledge. We ought to study the Word of God more and find out how deserving we are in Jesus’ name.



If someone has told you that you don’t deserve much, you need to rebuke those words. Bring those words to the Lord and unload them on Him. Those words are lies. They are part of a conspiracy of the enemy who is trying to steal from you. He is jealous of the best the Lord has for you. Don’t let those lies get to you. If only you could see how much is waiting for you on the other side of the door of despair, you would knock down that door and enter the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is at hand. It is there waiting for you and you deserve it now and not later. It is in the power of your hands. The power of your hands is what I call prayer because of the symbolic image of hands joined together for prayer. You have the power in hands to make things change and to access what you deserve. Don’t let your mind stop you. Don’t let harsh words derail you. You deserve God’s best. It’s yours and it is going to bless your life greatly. God’s joy, God’s love, God’s peace, God’s abundance are all yours. Expect great things. Expect the best. Expect God’s best. You deserve it!


Suggested reading: Micah 7:18; Hebrews 4:16; Ephesians 2:4-6


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