God will make it happen for you

Are you scratching your head wondering how things are going to unfold? Are you trying to find a solution to your problem? Have you lost hope? God is the solution. God will make things happen. God is your best hope. He is always the best option and the best recommendation. I am recommending Him to you today. I am encouraging you not to lose hope. God has an amazing way of turning things around at the last minute. His timing is perfect. He doesn’t act on your favor one minute too late. It might seem like you are walking on thin ice now and you could cave in anytime but the Lord has you in the palm of His hand and He will harden the ice below you.



If you feel like you are walking through a tunnel of fire today, remember that the Lord is in that tunnel with you and you won’t get burned. If you are drowning in debts or in sorrow today, the One who walks on water is holding your hand and keeping you above water. For every bad situation you are in, God has a solution. For every tear, God has a smile. For every pain, God has a cure. For every loss, God has a win. Don’t try to figure out how things will work out. The Lord will make it happen for you. He is parting the seas and allowing you to walk on dry land. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. Help is on the way. God is on the way. He is working on your situation as we speak. It’s all done. Receive His solution in faith!



I have been in situations where there seemed to be no way out. I have seen doors close in front of me that I couldn’t open. I have lost hope and I have gained fear many times. However, I have seen the Lord act on my favor many times. He has rescued me. He has protected me and He has blessed me in ways that I didn’t expect. I love to call Him my “Unexpected God.” He comes into my worst circumstances at the most unexpected times. He never leaves me. He is always there but He intervenes when I least expect it. When I hold on to faith and I put all my trust in Him, He does the impossible. He tears down the strongholds of fear and negativity and He builds up fortresses of hope and positivity.


God is amazing. Saying that is an understatement but it is good to say it and hear it. I am nothing without the Lord. My life is blank without the Lord. My hope runs dry without the Lord. My patience gets thin without the Lord. Love has no meaning without the Lord. I let Him give meaning to my life and hope resurfaces. Bad times take place. They are inevitable but so is our Lord. He is inevitable. He will show up. He will happen. Your bad times won’t last. God is about to turn them into bliss times.



I remember when I was in school, Math problems always had a solution. I rarely found the solution. I wasn’t very good at Math but it didn’t mean that there was no solution. It’s the same with life. Just because we don’t know how our problems are going to be solved doesn’t mean that there are no solutions. God always, always has a solution. It doesn’t matter how complicated our problems are. He knows how to entangle the worst knot, how to remove obstacles and how to make things great again. Let God solve your problems. Give Him your toughest equations. Let Him do the Math for you. He will do incredible things for you.



God will move mountains for you if that’s what it takes. He will make you reach the sky if that is what you need. He will turn your water into wine if that is what you need. He will multiply the little you give Him if that is what you need. He will enlighten your spiritual eyes if that is what you need. He will give you exceedingly more than you expect if that is what you need. God will make things happen for you. It doesn’t matter how and when. All that matters is that He will do it for you. Doubt will tell you that it will never happen. Don’t believe your doubts. Don’t feed your fears. Trust the Lord who will always make things happen for you. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Psalm 77:14-20; Isaiah 60:22; 1 Timothy 6:15


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