Sing a new song today

If your life were a song what would it sound like? What would be your main chorus? What would be the lyrics of your life? Does your song give praises to the Lord? Is your song all about you? Is it a joyful song or is it a sad song? I am inviting you to change the tune of your life. Change the lyrics of your life. Make the song of your life a happy song. Inject positivity into the words. Make it a celebration. Not a celebration of you but a celebration of the Lord. Let Him be at the top of the charts of the songs that describe who you are and what you are all the about. Sing a new song today. Change the direction of your life through the music you are adding to it. Remove the old lyrics and add a new powerful tune. Your life should reflect God. The song of your life should mirror who the Lord is to you. Make that song an homage to God. Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord with your life. Take control of the narrative by giving God control. Give God control of what your like should be like by aligning with His Words. Speak words of faith. Speak words of love. Be intimate with God. The Holy Spirit wants closeness. God wants to be your Father and you can let Him be all that He should be by fine tuning the song of your life. Today I want to encourage you to sing a new song. Change your life. Change your perspective. Change your attitude. Change your expectations. Let your positive words be music to God’s ears.



I am trying to be more and more aware of what I say. I don’t want my words to fill the space I am in with negativity. Words carry weight. Words make or break things. Words heal and words hurt. Words bless or curse. We don’t always realize that we are saying curses when we speak negatively about our circumstances. Saying things like “I will never make it” stops the flow of faith. Faith is a power that flows from our words into reality. Our faith can build a God-centered reality but negative words can block that reality. If the song of our lives is all about how we will amount to nothing, then we will most likely amount to nothing. If our song is about heartaches and pain, we will continue to experience them. It is so easy to sing a song that projects our feelings. Songs that focus on our (sad) emotions will keep us in a bad mood. Songs about strong emotions can take us to places where faith can’t live because faith is not based on our feelings and emotions. A song of faith is a song that pleases the Lord. I want my life to be a song of love, faith and peace that magnifies the Lord.



What we think about the most is what we talk about the most. I don’t know how many times the Lord had told me to think of Him and let all worries go away. The other day when I was praying in the morning, the Lord showed me that my mind was being occupied by the wrong thoughts and I needed to do some major sweeping of the house by vacuuming up all negative thoughts. My mind is like a house and it should be inhabited by positivity and hope and not by fear and doubt. Fear and doubt make bad songs. They don’t sound good. They don’t have a good harmony. The lyrics don’t sound right. My goal is to let faith and hope sing my songs. I want them to make up the lyrics of the song of my life. I am working on staying in faith and it has been a lot easier with the help of the Holy Spirit. He inspires me so much. He gives me peace and He leads me back to Jesus all the time. I have a beautiful song in my heart and I am turning my life into this amazing song. My life is a testimony. It speaks of my relationship with Jesus. It speaks of the goodness of the Lord. I have changed my words and made sure they were positive. It is making a huge difference. Keep your words positive. Sing with hope and joy. Let Jesus be the main theme of your song. Then your life will be a powerful melody for the Lord. Sing a new song today. Sing a positive song today!


Suggested reading: Psalm 95:1; Hebrews 2;12; Ephesians 5:19

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