The power of forgiveness

Isn’t it frustrating when you buy a product and it fails to deliver what it is supposed to deliver? When something you count on fails you, you are left with a deep sense of disappointment and you lose hope. When someone fails to help you when he or she is supposed to it feels even worse. I can recall a time when I counted on a friend and he didn’t show up to help me. He promised he would be there to assist me but he never bothered to tell me he wasn’t going to make it. I don’t hold grudges and I have learned to let go of such situations. Grudges are like poison that you serve yourself. They give you the impression that they are justified and they agree with your feelings. They live in that realm and anything that is rooted in our feelings and emotions is not friends with faith and it can leads to paths that take you away from love.

When someone fails you, forgive that person. Pray that you can let it go. Don’t hold on to bitterness. That bitter taste will stay with until you can’t remember what sweetness tastes like. Forgiving others is what we are called to do. God forgave us when we least deserved it and He has never held a grudge against anyone. His forgiveness is the most powerful form of forgiveness. Jesus is how God forgave the world. God the Father sent His Son to carry out the most powerful forgiveness process. Today I want to encourage you to forgive. Get into forgiveness mode all the time. Develop that mode and make it a habit. We hold on to too much negativity when we don’t forgive. Forgive people who have failed you. Forgive people who have hurt you. Forgive people who hate you. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself on a regular basis. Don’t live in a world of unforgiveness and bitterness. That world will keep you captive. God has set you free. Stay with God. Stay free. Stay in the forgiveness zone! The power of forgiveness is within you. Use it all the time!

Unforgiveness alienates us from the Lord. It goes against God’s nature. It is a sign of rebellion against the Lord whether we know it or not. It is telling God that we don’t agree with who He is and we don’t want to partake in His love covenant. It sounds dramatic but it’s true. Think about it. The most important commandment is to love God and love others as ourselves. If we love God, we will listen to His directions and abide by His Word. Abiding by His Word implies following His commandments. When we don’t forgive people we don’t show them love. We violate the most important commandment. Love and forgiveness are linked. Love always forgives and it doesn’t keep track of wrongs done to it. Love is patient, love is kind. Stay in love and you will forgive all the time. Don’t forgive people and you will step out of love.

I want to be clothed in God’s nature. I want love to be my blanket against the fiery darts of the enemy. I want to wear love all the time and don the robe of hope every day. There is such power in the love of the Lord. It is the biggest power in the universe. I don’t want to ruin God’s love in my life. I want to remain where the love of the Lord is. I need to constantly work on forgiving others. I can’t reminisce on what people did to me years ago and hate them for what they did. It is dangerous to have inner dialogues about how much pain we were put through and go over the pain over and over again. Those inner dialogues have to stop. Why? They slow down the flow of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord doesn’t like it when we don’t forgive. Forgiving keeps us in harmony with the Lord. Why wouldn’t we want that? We need it desperately. No one can afford not to be in harmony with the Lord. Let’s make it a point to always forgive and show love to everyone. If you want see God’s power in action in your life, be quick to forgive and slow to hate. The power of forgiveness will change your life!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:12; Colossians 3:13; 1 John 1:9

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