Building walls of protection

Building up walls sets limitations. Walls mark separation and sometimes protection. When people put up walls, they try to protect themselves from being hurt or they try to hide their feelings or emotions. Some people create a fortress where they can be safe, where no one can get to them. Emotional fortresses can be seen as hindrances because people on the outside can’t get in and can’t get to know you. I remember a time when I kept building emotional fortresses. I was in high school and I didn’t know too many people so I kept to myself and I made it hard for others to get to know me. I think the idea of having a fortress of protection is a great idea when we do it to protect ourselves from negativity. We shouldn’t try to avoid people and keep ourselves in a cocoon all the time.

Guarding ourselves and keeping to ourselves won’t help spread love and spread the message of the Lord. We ought to be open to others and share the love. That said, it is necessary to constantly put up walls of protection against negativity and against anything that separates us from God. The more separated we are from God, the more it will impact our interaction with others. If we build a wall that prevents others to receive the love God poured in us, we find ourselves in spiritual danger. Walls of divisions are not positive spiritual fortresses. Remember the enemy is out to get us and wants to see us divided. He desires for us to reject love and he tries to steal our joy. Today I want to encourage you to put up fortresses and strongholds against division and against all forms of negativity. Let God be your fortress. Let Him be the wall that separates you from the enemy and that protects you against hate. Your walls should keep you inside the premises of love and faith and not inside a prison of hate and doubt.

Fortresses are meant to protect against enemies. They are strong structures put in place to keep assailants at bay. They dissuade attackers from moving forward. They look intimidating. We can all build spiritual fortresses. Our main fortress should be the Lord Himself. In the Bible He is described as our Refuge and our Fortress. Who could be a better protector than the Lord? No one is as big and as powerful as the Lord. He is the Fortress that surrounds us and that puts strong walls of love around us. God’s arms are like mountains that get in the way of the enemy. When we have Jesus as our Savior, the enemy has to deal with Him in order to get to us. Jesus is the mountain that discourages the enemy from getting to us. I am not talking about the Alps. I am talking about mountains so high that you wouldn’t dare trying to get to the top. When you are in faith, you are sheltered by the mountain and you can’t be found in the valleys of despair. You are on the mountain tops and your joy goes through the roof. God is your Fortress, friend. Tell the enemy who you belong to. Tell him about your Refuge. You are in a safe place in Jesus’ name!

A refuge is a comforting place. When you are in a refuge, you feel at peace, you sleep soundly, you enjoy life, you are joyful and you feel protected. When God is your Refuge, all these wonderful things happen constantly. If you are finding yourself in a state of chaos and unrest, go back to the Refuge. It doesn’t mean that God left you. It means that you stepped outside of your Fortress. The Rock of salvation can’t ever broken. He is solid and He is fortified. The walls of protection of the Lord are indestructible. Only your mind can bring them down when fear and doubt get in the way. I suggest you build those walls. Let them go up through your prayers. Put up walls of protection with praise and worship. Let your words always be positive. It will help the building up process. Be thankful at all times and your walls will stay up. Build up strongholds using the tools of faith. God is your Refuge and you can’t stay in His arms as you follow Him and obey His Word. Enjoy the strong Fortress today and every day!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:1-3; Proverbs 18:10; 1 Peter 4:11

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