Green means go

Someone told me the other day “Remember that green means go.” It was about a calendar on a hotel website where every day that was filled in green was a day you could book a room. That simple statement resounded in me and made me think about how God often gives us a green light. He tells us “You have the green light. Green means go.” We sometimes don’t remember that we have a green light and when we see that green light we don’t always realize we can go. The Lord tells us to proceed because we have the green light but the world tries to slow us down. The world flashes a yellow light or a red light when the Lord is telling us to go forward.

How many green lights have you been given that appeared like yellow or red lights? Faith sees the green light and doubt sees a yellow light and mostly a red light. Doubt and fear keep you on a sidewalk and faith encourages you to walk and cross the street. Fear keeps you on the sideline and faith puts you in the middle of the action. Fear paralyzes you and faith gets you moving. When God gives your the green light, you do not have to worry and fear. Proceed in faith and keep going. The enemy doesn’t like it. He wants to see you on the bench during the games of life. He hates it when you are on the move. Be on the move for the Lord. Get up from that bench. God will lead your steps and help you go ahead. Don’t let the red lights of the world stop you from reaching your full potential and from receiving what is rightfully yours in Christ. You have the green light. Go get what’s yours.

I love getting green lights when I am driving. I like it when I get green lights after green lights because it means that I can get where I need to go fast. It feels like nothing gets in my way. I can just keep going and I don’t slow down. Now when most of the lights are red, I can’t seem to be making progress and I get to my destination later than expected. God has many green lights for all of us. His green lights give us the ok. They signify that we can proceed safely and without fear. A green light from God is a nice wink from Heaven. It’s a sign that all is well and we just need to grab our blessings with the hands of faith. I get a lot of green lights and I am so thankful for them. One thing I have noticed is that I need to accept and receive those green lights by faith. Some of them seem too good to be true and I shy away in astonishment or I don’t do anything about them. It’s like I drive on the road of life and the light is green but I become color blind for a minute and I see yellow or red. That is what the enemy does to us. He confuses us and he makes us doubt. I am determined to embrace all the green lights the Lord has for me and keep driving peacefully. Friend, accept that the Lord wants to bless you abundantly and give you amazing peace and joy. Trust in the green lights. Keep going.

When God says “Green means go,” He tells us that we should trust Him. It is not too good to be true. He is not too good to be true. He does what He promised He would do. He is faithful and He is true to His Word. Peace is a green light that we should accept. God has peace that surpasses all understanding and when we get that peace, we should just go on and proceed with it. We should enjoy it and thank God for it. Joy is another green light that we should accept and enjoy. Love is the biggest green light there is. We ought to receive that blessing from God and share it with others. We too often think that God can’t love us because we are not worth it. All the green lights are free gifts from God. He loves us so much that He can give us green lights after green lights. All He is saying is “Go. Don’t be afraid. It’s for you.” Enjoy the green lights. Green means go, friend. God has a lot in store for you. Enjoy it all.

Suggested reading: Isaiah 30:21; Proverbs 16: 9; John 14:26

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