You are going up!

When I am praying, I sometimes see myself climbing. I am climbing a mountain or a ladder. I am always going up and I never look down. I see the climb as a symbolic representation of what happens when we pray and when we stay connected to God. We are always connected but there is a stronger connection that occurs when we pray and when we focus on the Lord. When we seek His face, we can only go up spiritually. When we trust Him and stay grounded in His Word we go up. The Lord tells us that we will go from glory to glory. We will go higher and we will reach places in elevated altitudes. We won’t slip and fall as we keep our eyes on the Lord. When I pray, I am confident and I am a good climber. When I don’t get to pray, the climb is stagnant. Nothing much happens spiritually. I want to soar like an eagle and go as high as I can go in Jesus’ name. The truth is that with God the only way is up. Today I want to reiterate this message. You are destined for great things when you stay in the Lord. The climb will continue to happen. You are going to overcome mountains and reach places you didn’t think you could reach. There is going to be a new view from the top. God will enable you to see everything from a new angle, a new perspective. You are going up, friend. Don’t let the enemy pull you down with his lies!



God is interested in seeing us grow. He won’t leave us the way we were when we accepted Him into our hearts. It’s possible to not grow in the Lord. I think it is more common than we think but we ought to strive to become more mature in Christ. We must feed our faith, nurture our spiritual bodies and maintain a balanced lifestyle in the Lord. There is so much we should be doing but at times there is too little we know about how to do these things. That is why I love partnering with the Holy Spirit. I enjoy sermons and messages by preachers and speakers that are God-centered but I also skip to the front of the line and go straight to the Spirit of God. I am getting a lot of revelation from Him. His revelation is often confirmed in sermons. There is some synchronicity. God’s Word is the base and the rest is illustration. I don’t let the world be my base. I don’t want to justify the world with the Word. I want the Word to justify the Word and I want to see demonstrations of the power of the Word in the world. Revelation is primordial because it is great nourishment for our spirits and minds. One revelation can change the course of our spiritual journey. One revelation can make us climb mountains faster than the speed of light. The Word of God is a mountain climbing equipment. It pushes us up and it keeps us safe during the climb. It has all the gear we need to make it higher.



I was once told that it was good to hit rock bottom so the jump could be higher when we recover from the fall. I would say that hitting rock bottom does happen but it is not God’s best. It will happen because we live in this world but God doesn’t want us to fall in order to catch us. We fall and He catches us. When we fall, He is there to help us back up. I am not one to look for opportunities to fall in order to see God’s hand in action in my life. I am one to recognize that when bad things trip me and make me fall, I will be able to get back up because my Lord is with me. The enemy will put all sorts of ideas in our heads about staying at the bottom of the pit as a sign of humility and piety. However, we are called to go from glory to glory, not from pit to pit. Let’s expect to go up and climb. Let’s trust that the Lord is making sure we will go up. The mountains on your way to your destiny are not bigger than the power when you pray. Keep growing in the Word. Keep your faith strong by believing before seeing. Don’t rely on your senses. Pray, praise and stay in harmony with the Lord. Let the power of love be your daily fuel. You will go high spiritually all the time when you walk in love and faith. You are going up, friend! Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Romans 12:2; 2 Corinthians 3:18; Ephesians 4:22-24


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