10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 81)

Let God be your pacifier when you cry yourself to sleep. He will lull you back into peace and He will soothe your mind and appease your spirit!

God says you should love everyone. Don’t be against everyone. God says treat everyone as yourself. Don’t treat yourself with disdain. Don’t let self-hate permeate your relationships. Keep it all centered around love. Let love be the center and everyone will be loved.

Trials come and stay. God stays and trials go away. Be sure to give all your worries and concerns about your trials to the Lord and you will see how God can change your trials into triumphs!

Be a source of peace and joy. Be an imitator of the Lord and His peace and joy will flow through you. Touch the world with the Lord!

The rain will stop. The thunderstorms will cease. God will put an end to the tempest. Blue skies are on the way. The sun is about to be brighter than ever. Don’t lose hope!

A drop of wisdom from God is worth more than a million rain showers from the wisemen of the world. Let God be right and the world be equivocal. Don’t let your world question God!

God is in charge of blessing you. He will take care of the process from beginning to end. You are in charge of trusting Him. Trust Him from the beginning to the end!

Lay your head on God’s pillow where there is no stress and no anxiety. Say a prayer before bed!

God’s love will fill you again and again and it will keep you full as long as you stay open to Him. His love is powerful and satisfying!

Stand in the promise that God will never leave. Stand there and stay there. Don’t let the enemy remove you from that stand. God’s promises are permanent and unmovable.

Suggested reading: Proverbs 46:10; Matthew 6:25; Romans 15:13

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