Great things too marvelous to understand

If there is any time you feel bad about your own life, read the book of Job. Job went through hell and back. He lost everything but yet he never cursed God. He lost his material possessions, people and health but he still had his faith. I would love to have a Job-like faith. I have to admit that sometimes I find myself feeling like I am having a “Job kind of day” or a “Job kind of life” but my life is nowhere as bad. When self-pity tries to get ahold of me, I remind myself that the same God Job had, is still around. He is alive and well and He is not intimidated by loss, failure, trials and sickness. What God did for Job He can do for me in an even greater way because Jesus has come since then and He has given us redemption, eternal life and the keys to the Kingdom.

I love how in chapter 5 of the book of Job, we are told about the best thing to do in life. The best thing to do is to turn to God. When everything is falling apart and life doesn’t make sense, we ought to present our case to God. God is the One who makes things right. Our case can be very complicated. It can seem like an impossible case to solve but when we give it to God, He does amazing things. As a matter of fact, God will do great things too marvelous to understand. I find this line amazing and beautiful. God can do things too marvelous. He doesn’t just do good things, He does things that are so marvelous that we can’t understand them. Have you ever noticed how God’s marvelous things have a way of getting into your life? When you decide to give it to God, great things ensue. They are so wonderful that they defy all understanding. As this new week begins, don’t lose hope but be assured that the Lord will do great things too marvelous to understand in your life.

God is about to do marvelous things in your life that are going to reshape the way you think about God. He is going to expand your capacity to receive from Him as your faith grows while reading this message. Think about how Job lost everything. He had hit rock bottom and the Lord got Him out of His misery and gave Him much more than anyone could imagine. Job never gave up on God. Job knew God and he understood that circumstances, even very bad ones, didn’t change God. He believed that God was good all the time. He trusted that God cared about Him even when the world was against him. Job personified the belief that it didn’t matter who was against him as long as God was for him. The same applies to you.

God is with you and it doesn’t matter how bad your situation is. Your situation can be redone by the Lord. He can give you a happy Job ending. Your present conditions are not going to be the final outcome of the chapter you are in now. God will end the chapter in a great way. He is going to write marvelous things into your life. He is an expert at doing the impossible and the marvelous. You are going to marvel at what the Lord is going to do. It won’t make sense but it will be God’s will for you. Leave your reasoning and your understanding at the door when it comes to God. Trust Him more than your trust your mind your feelings and your senses. He is beyond the realm of senses. He is where faith is. Find your marvelous moments where faith lies.

What do you define as marvelous? What is one thing that God can do in your life that you would deem as marvelous? Think of it and imagine it being even bigger than what you are thinking. Your wildest dreams are not too big for God. He is going to do things that are bigger than your dreams. He is going to do what you don’t expect and what you can’t understand. I have seen it happen many times in my life and that is how I see the Lord. I see Him as the One who surprises me with great things that are too marvelous to fathom. I have so much joy because of Him. He is marvelous and too great for me to understand but I do my best.

God blows me away with His love and kindness. He is too great to understand and I enjoy that about Him immensely. God has not forgotten about you. You might be going through some tough “Job moments” but don’t let those moments define the way you think about God. God is going to redefine those moments and change them for good. If you still have God, you haven’t lost everything. God is still there so you still have everything. Be ready to receive the marvelous things from God. Praise Him. Put an end to the gloominess and the worry by praising God in advance for what He is going to do. Stay in faith. Your life is going to take a turn for the best. The Lord is with you!

Suggested reading: Job 5; Psalm 147:11; Ephesians 3:20

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