Keep God in the spotlight

You have an audience that is watching you all the time. People will remember what you do and will keep your words in their minds for a while. Actions and words go hand in hand but sometimes our actions speak louder than our words. Our actions are on the forefront of our lives and people can get inspired by them or they can be turned off by them. What we do on the stage of our lives matters. God put us on that stage for a reason. He wants us to live out our lives as followers of love, perpetrators of peace and models of joy. He puts us in the spotlight so we can shine His light. What we do should reflect Him and not dim His light. The world needs imitators of the Lord like you and me. The audience is waiting for you and me to be the best versions of God’s image that we can be. We will never be perfect and we will miss it here and there but it doesn’t mean that we should get off stage and disappear backstage.

The Lord is backstage. The Lord acts on our behalf in the back where no one sees Him. He is always doing something for us. He is preparing the way for what’s to come. He is the silent listener who sits in the back room making sure that everything is in place for us. He is the humble King who sets the scene for us. He is the director of our lives and as the director He knows how the story ends. The Spirit of the Lord is our backup. He is the One who whispers the lines when we forget. He knows the script and He can help us run our lines so we are ready to shine for Him on stage. Embrace the best director in the world. Accept His guidance and rejoice over His directives. He knows best. He knows what to do and how to do it. He just wants you to trust Him with your next scene. He has seen it. He knows how it will play out and He will be with you on stage. He is backstage but He is also on stage. The Lord is omniscient. He won’t leave your side and He won’t let you down. He will stand with you in front of your audience. Don’t forget that part!

We all have a part to play as we stand on the stage of our lives. Our part is to stick to God’s script. Stick to the His plan and follow it. His script deals with love and it is a manifesto of peace. People are watching us on stage and they should see us play the role of lovers of peace and agents of love. Your stage presence is important but it shouldn’t dominate the stage. God’s presence must dominate the stage. His goodness is the light that should be highlighting your life. When people watch you on stage, they should be touched by the love of the Lord that is oozing out of you. Make your everyday scenes about God by walking in love. Your audience is craving love. Your audience is longing for joy and for hope. Be the messenger of hope that you were meant to be. Let your audience hear you speak hope and speak faith. You are the role model that will get people’s attention and redirect it to Christ. The stage of your life is a beautiful platform for the Lord. Give Him the spotlight. Always make your life about God. Don’t upstage Him. Just exalt Him. Keep God in the spotlight of your life!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Zephaniah 3:17; Matthew 28:20

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