Keep your heart full

I have mentioned before that I start every day with meditative prayer. I focus on the Lord or on a scripture and I let my spirit stay in reverence to God. What I find fascinating about that time of prayer, among other things, is that peace, love and joy reside in that moment. I find myself smiling, enjoying the presence of the Lord and getting filled up with love. Yesterday morning as I was in prayer, a beautiful message came. The Lord told me to stay full all the time. He said that it is important to keep my heart full. Keeping my heart full of Him will always be the faith factor that will make a difference in my life. It is a powerful revelation that I am familiar with but hearing it again at that very moment hit the spot. It felt like a quenching drink after walking through a spiritual deserted area. It was just what I needed.

I had not been lost in a desert but I had found myself dipping a toe in an arid place while keeping my other toes in the lavish garden of the Lord. We all have a full heart. The question is, what is filling up our hearts? I would say that it is a combination of things. The problem is when we let the world fill up our hearts with elements that separate us from God we have what I call “corrupted hearts.” Our hearts should be “lodgings” for the Lord primarily and not houses of confusion and chaos. God lives in us. His Spirit is in us but it’s easy to let other things occupy our hearts and squeeze Him out so to speak. Today I want to encourage you to keep your heart full of the Lord. Give Him the space He deserves in your heart. Give Him all of you. Let Him be the main inhabitant of your heart. It will make a significant difference in your life!

A heart full of sadness, full of sorrow or full of pain is a heavy heart. Have you ever felt that? It’s a painful feeling that weighs your spirit down. God wants your heart to be light. He wants to carry your burdens. He says He can do it and you ought to believe that He will. Giving your burdens to the Lord is a freeing process. I call it a process because it rarely happens overnight even though it is possible. To make your heart lighter, you have to rearrange what’s in your heart. You need to purge the negative and let the goodness of the Lord enter and stay.

God wants to fill your heart with what He has for you and not with the junk the world wants to dump in you. It’s time you got rid of the junk that is stalling you. Get rid of the negativity that is keeping you captive. Your heart can’t breathe when it is in a box. Negativity is a box that sucks up all the oxygen and that leaves you with a lifeless existence. It’s a life devoid of peace and joy. When your heart is in the box of negativity, it can’t receive from God. It is in a prison. It is in a dark place and it can’t see the light. God’s light will pierce the heaviest hearts and give them freedom. Claim your freedom today. Give your heart a break by dissociating from all that is not helping you.

Your heart is the core of your being. It is at the center of who you are. The Bible says that we should guard our hearts. We should keep our hearts in the Lord. Keeping our hearts full of the Lord is a great habit. How do we get there? Our hearts listen to our minds a lot. What we believe eventually drops into our hearts and becomes a part of us. It is primordial that we train our minds to accept what the Lord says and reject the lies of the enemy. Faith comes by hearing and we need to hear what the Lord says in order to build our faith. I fill up my heart with God’s Word by reading it on a regular basis and by letting my heart hear myself speak the Word over my life. I am a strong believer in saying things out loud. What I say out loud has a great impact on my spirit. I also spend time praying. Prayers fill my heart. I pray a few times a day. I talk to the Lord a few times a day and He keeps my heart full of His messages and full of His comforting words.

I can’t do all of this without the Holy Spirit so I make sure that I fellowship with Him all the time. That is one of the main ways that my heart gets filled with the Lord because the Holy Spirit always points me in Jesus’ direction. My heart loves to praise Jesus and a heart full of praises is a heart full of the Lord. Showing love and kindness also keeps my heart full of the Lord. It is a very important element of my life. I am working on becoming a better steward of love in the Lord’s name. It has kept my heart in the right place. Keep your heart full of Jesus, friend and you will partake in the beautiful mission of touching the world for the Lord. Stay full for Jesus!

Suggested reading: Psalm 27:14; Psalm 119:1-8; Romans 10:17

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