Your most successful story

What would you consider to be your most successful story so far? What is the one event in your life that has been the best? It might be hard to pick one or maybe there is one that really stands out. I have had my share of sad stories and those are easy to identify. When it comes to the best thing that has happened to me, I can say without a doubt that knowing the Lord, encountering Jesus is the best story of my life. It is the umbrella to many other great stories. It is the main plot. It is the meat of my existence. It is the core of my life. Before Him I had a poor life. With Him my life is so much richer and fuller. I still have sad stories I could tell but I decide to focus on the best stories of my life. I believe it is important to recognize the best in one’s life. Would you mention your family or friends as the center of your best stories? They are major characters in your life but the main protagonist should be Jesus Himself. He makes sense of your life. He makes sense of everything even when the world makes no sense. Broadcast your best story. Share it. Say it repeatedly and make it known as the best thing that has ever happened to you. Be proud of that story and remember it. Remember it when things are not all sunny and light. Hold on to your best story. Why? It started when you accepted Christ and it is still going on now. Friend, you are in the middle of the best story of your life. It hasn’t ended and it is not about to be over. The Lord is the best Person you will ever meet and this connection you have with Him will always bring on amazing stories you can share with the world for His glory.



I got tired of sad stories. I got tired of feeling defeated and feeling low. I wanted a change with whole my heart. I was craving peace. I was craving joy. I was craving freedom and I gained them all thanks to God. Accepting Christ into my life was accepting life in abundance and accepting Love. When Love found me, I found myself. I found the one I was supposed to be and I loved the one I became. I grew into the son of God that I had been destined to be and I received God’s DNA. My sad stories didn’t mess me up the way they used to. The bad news didn’t destroy me like it used to. My story was more defined. My story became clear. The good news of the Gospel made the headline in the story of my life. Success tasted so good. Peace felt so refreshing and joy became my companion. I never knew that I could be part of such an incredible story. I never knew that God could be the One writing and reading my story. Knowing Jesus was all I had needed. That was success. It was the triumph I had been longing for. I didn’t need millions of dollars. A mansion and ten cars were no match to the treasure I had discovered when I embraced the Lord. He had designed a miraculous story and I was finally getting to read it.



God doesn’t define success the way we do. Success for Him is to know Him, love Him and stay with Him. Today your story can continue. Today your story should continue. If you think that your story ended with your confession of faith and acceptance of the Lord, think again. Your salvation started with that confession but it keeps on going. Your story is unfolding and God is acting in your favor. Your most successful story is taking place as we speak. Thank God for it. Ask Him to reveal more of it to you. Let Him write it and be a good interpreter of the story by telling it to others. Don’t keep it all to yourself. The world needs to hear your story. The world needs to learn what success is really all about. Let people be enlightened by the Love of the Lord in your life. Don’t ignore the sad stories that show up from time to time but don’t magnify them either. Magnify the Lord. Present Him as your main source of life. You are living a very successful life because of Him. May God continue to bless you and show you how precious you are to Him. You are so precious that He will do anything to make sure your story is inspiring, uplifting and amazing. Tell your story today!


Suggested reading: Psalm 71:15-16; Mark 5:19; 1 John 5:11


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