A love that is for everyone

I have spent about half of my summer in Southern California. I like the change of pace and I like the diversity of people there. I like seeing people that I have never seen before. I live in a small community and everyone is so familiar. It is a bit of a bubble and being outside of my bubble feels so refreshing. I am very grateful for where I live but I also love being exposed to something different. Seeing so many people reminds me that God loves all kinds of people. He doesn’t just love my little world. He loves the whole world. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity or what religion you belong to. He loves you. Period. I think that what I call “God for others” or “God with others” is important. How God sees other people and how much He cares about them is something we need to be aware of.



I used to think that God loved me more once I became a Christian. I used to think that God had “compartments” where He categorized people. I was too self-righteous, too self-centered. That is the opposite of what the Lord is all about. He is about others before self. I needed that time away in California to have my eyes opened to this truth again. The people I met in California were all people God loved. God is no respecter of people. We are all the same in His eyes. This revelation is an encouragement to act like God or at least to have the desire to be more like Him. Today I want to remind you that you are loved and so are your neighbors. I want to reiterate that God’s love has no boundaries and no frontiers. It goes into all places and it can penetrate even the darkest ones. It’s not for us to judge who deserves God’s love. He says that everyone does!



Do you ever think about what Jesus’ dinner table would look like nowadays? Jesus had dinner with all kinds of people. If He were here walking the earth like He did in the Bible, who would be His guests? Would He only invite presidents, kings and queens? Would He only allow celebrities to dine with Him? Would He only want to be surrounded by believers? Would He only count on His followers to be with Him? Jesus still welcomes everyone today. He still talks to everyone with love. He wants everyone to get to know Him and turn to Him for salvation. He knows that love is the best thing in the world and that is what He has to offer to the entire world. We need to stop limiting God’s love by rejecting those who are different. We need to tear downs the walls of separation and show love to everyone and anyone. God can’t contradict Himself so He wouldn’t go against love.



It is amazing when you think of a love that sees no color and that has no concept of segregation. The Lord’s love doesn’t know prejudice and discrimination. It can’t fathom hate and it can’t understand treating others as if they were inferior. We are on an equal footing. We are all the same according to the Lord. No one is better than other people. If we could comprehend that and accept that, we would see more peace in our neighborhoods and in our communities. The Lord is all about community and communion. We could build communities on love. It sounds idealistic but it is fundamentally what we ought to do. The Lord’s love has gone missing in the world because we don’t welcome it and we don’t share it enough. Too many ideologies have taken the place of pure love. Jesus’s message is clear; His love is for everyone. No exception.



Today as you go about your day, think about the love message. Think about how much Jesus loves everyone. Think about the basics of your faith. They should be rooted in love. Think about how you can spread the love. Think about how you can spread Jesus. Think about how everyone is worth it and deserves a chance to be loved. Everyone in the world qualifies for God’s love. Anyone can get saved. God can make it happen. Nothing is too big for Him. Next time you deal with someone that you deem unworthy of God’s love, think again. The Lord loves that person. Rejoice over His love and frown upon the hate that is so gratuitous. There is a love that is for everyone and you and I carry it in our hearts. It’s time we gave it away!


Suggested reading: John 15:12; Ephesians 4:2; 1 Peter 4:8

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