With God nothing is impossible

Every day I thank the Lord because with Him nothing is impossible. I say it out loud, I sing it, I emphasize it. I make it a part of my day and I keep it in my heart. Why? I need to blast my mind with that truth so it stays in line with God’s Word. I make sure that my thoughts don’t take me away from that amazing truth. I pump up my faith. I feed it all the time so that this truth is real in my mind and stays strong in my heart. “With God nothing is impossible” is a statement that defines the essence of God and that sets Him on a pedestal. He is different from men. He is in a category by Himself. Men have tried to be God. They have tried to copy Him and to create the impossible but it is just not possible. We will always be limited but God has no limits. He can make anything happen. He has no problem creating from nothing. He has no problem reversing any situation. He can do it all and He does it well. Today I want to encourage you and tell you again that with God nothing is impossible. Take your current dismal situations and remind them that with your God nothing is impossible. God is way bigger than your biggest problems. God is way higher than the mountain that is standing in your way. God is way stronger than the thoughts of doubt you are wrestling with. God is way more powerful than the trials that are keeping you down. With God, nothing is impossible!


When I first read that verse, I was blown away by that revelation. I didn’t focus on the other part of the verse. I just focused on how with God nothing is impossible. Jesus also said that with men it is impossible in that verse. Looking at that part of the verse is interesting because it shows that where men can’t go any further, God picks up and takes it to the next level. Where men fail, God wins. What men can’t figure out, God can figure out, God already knows and understands. Men can do so much but the Lord can do it all. The worst situation we can find ourselves in can only be solved by God. The impossible made possible is a concept that is not too familiar to many because we rarely see it happen. Could it be because we don’t hear enough about it? Could it be that our faith is not in the right place or that it needs to be redirected? Faith comes from what we hear. If we never hear about God being the God of the impossible, we will have little faith in it. We have more faith in the world than in the Lord at times and that explains why we stall spiritually and why we make little progress. God can do it all and we need to be informed and knowledgeable about what He can do. Is there anything that God can’t accomplish in your life? The answer is no. It’s time we saw that happen in our lives on a more regular basis.


I mentioned earlier how feeding my mind, my heart and my spirit is crucial. I have to make an effort to feed them the truth so they can embrace it and let it take place. Jesus performed many miracles on earth. People heard about them and that stirred up their faith. It is what they heard that allowed them to believe. They looked for Him and they wanted to see Him because they knew He could heal them or bless them. Now, Jesus would often say “Your faith healed you.” Faith is the link between us and our miracles or breakthroughs. If we have faith in the impossible made possible, we will experience it. It will become a way of life. It will be expected. Find passages in the Bible where the Lord did the impossible. Meditate on them. Absorb them. Accept them and praise the Lord for them. Expect the impossible to be turned into possible every single day. Rejoice in advance. Praise and worship the Lord every day because with Him nothing is impossible. You will see how God will intervene in your life and how your situations will be transformed for the best. With God nothing is impossible! Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37; Mark 10:27


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