God will calm your storm

Yesterday there was a bad rainstorm when I left work. It was coming down hard and I could barely see when I was driving. I spoke to the storm with authority and told it to calm down in the name of Jesus. It did. Some might call it a fluke or a coincidence but the storm did calm down and I was able to make it to the appointment I had on time. When I had to drive again, the rain came back. I sat in my car and I praised the Lord. I wasn’t afraid of the thunder but I just decided to sit there for a while and worship the Lord during the storm. We all have storms in our lives. There always comes a time when we go through thunderstorms that can scare us and paralyze us. They can be very intimidating. They can make us want to stay put and not move. I remember going through some medical thunderstorms years ago that really shook me up. It was one storm after another but something amazing happened every time. I called upon the name of Jesus during the storms and His name helped me. There were times when His name was the only thing that stopped the nausea. I would pace up and down in my room at night saying His name and the sick feeling would go away. It would come back the next day but the name above all names would make it stop again. Jesus can calm any storm. Jesus has the power and the authority to stop the storms of life. It doesn’t matter how menacing the storms are, Jesus can take care of any storm. Today I want to encourage you to praise the Lord during the storms of your life, use His name and stay in faith. The storms will pass. The Lord will protect you and even bless you in the middle of the storms.


I love the account of when Jesus calmed the storm. He was on a boat with His disciples and a big storm broke out. His disciples panicked and they got scared. Jesus had been sleeping and He kept on sleeping despite the storm. The disciples woke Him up. Jesus spoke to the storm and said “Quiet! Be still” and the winds died down and everything was calm. He was surprised that His disciples were so afraid and had so little faith. For Him there was nothing to worry about. Things looked bad. There seemed to be imminent danger but He didn’t lose sleep over it. He was not worried in the least. That is how the Lord wants us to approach the storms of live. They shouldn’t keep us up at night. We should be able to sleep in peace even when the storms are raging. Jesus spoke and the danger went away. Jesus spoke and all became calm. Jesus spoke and peace came back. If you are in the middle of a storm right now, keep in mind that in Jesus’ name the storm can die down. Have faith that Jesus’ authority still prevails. He hasn’t changed. He can talk to your storm and it will go away!



After I spent some time praising the Lord in my car, the storm left the area and blue skies came back. It reminded me of how the sun always comes back. When we call upon the Lord, the sun shines again. We must hang in there and hold on tight and eventually things will be good again. It’s not always easy to wait until the sun comes back. It is much easier to give up and lose hope. However, friend, your praises are not in vain. The Lord hears them and He rejoices over you. The enemy hears them and he agonizes over you. Stand your ground. Keep on going. The storm will go away. God will calm your storm. He will do it in a beautiful way. It only takes a few words for Him to dissipate the clouds. The storms must listen to Him. They won’t stick around for long. There is a gorgeous blue sky above the clouds. Talk to your storm today. Rebuke the storms of life today. Speak with authority against them in the name of Jesus. They will have to give up. They will lose strength. They won’t be raging for long. Your faith is going to see you through those storms. This situation won’t last. Storms are temporary but the Lord is eternal. Great things are on the way. Go back to bed. God’s got this. He has your back. He will destroy what’s trying to destroy you. Stay in faith. Your storm is on its way out!


Suggested reading: Mark 4:35-41; Matthew 8:23-27; Luke 8:22-25





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