God will surpass your expectations

I can’t tell you how many times God has done a lot more for me than I thought He would do. He has surpassed my expectations multiple times and as my faith grows so does the number of times He exceeds all expectations. He is above and beyond anyone and anything. He has the ability to bless more than the world can bless. He is on a level that no one else can reach. He is far out like they say in the south and for great reasons. This truth is undeniable. Our God is amazing and He is exceptional. Like I said, not like the world but out of this world. He was crucified and conquered death. He can do all things. The Lord is much higher than all. He is more powerful and more loving than the population of the world combined and more. That is quite a lot isn’t it? He is marvelous and He holds that title well. God will surpass your biggest dreams. You might be having a difficult time believing today or you might be dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress and you can’t picture how God can help you. I am here to tell you that the God of the impossible, the One I brag about every day can go beyond anything you imagine. Our incredible God will have you believe again. He is going to do something extraordinary for you. He is that kind of God. He will always be in a category of His own. Dust off your faith today. Take it from that old shelf and spiff it up. Great things are coming. The Lord has ordered blessings for you that will take you by surprise and leave you marveling at His goodness.



The Word of God talks about a peace that surpasses all understanding. God’s peace surpasses all understanding. Have you ever experienced it? Have you ever felt peace that didn’t seem to make sense? Peace despite the chaos and the trials in your life? God’s peace is not human peace. It is peace from above. Heavenly peace. When you are “hit” by such a powerful peace, you can’t help but give God the glory because you have been touched by Heaven. Everything in Heaven is better than everything on earth. If God can give us peace that surpasses all understanding and peace is a fruit of the Spirit then God can give us all fruit of the Spirit in an extraordinary way. It’s a way that surpasses all understanding. Love, faith, patience and joy to name a few, can all exceed your expectations when you receive them from God. God has gifts that are bigger and wider than any presents the world will ever give you. God will surpass the world in a nano second. If you are praying for something in particular today, know that God can and will answer your prayers. He will not only meet your needs but He will exceed your expectations. Expect that!



Everything that God does is fueled by love. He loves His children so much that He will do great things for them. He is God. He can do whatever He wants and what He wants to do is bigger than what your imagination is presenting to you. Widen your thinking. Broaden the horizon of your mind. Let your dreams be bigger than your thoughts. God will surpass everything you have ever planned for yourself. He has a much larger scale than our minds. When He partied the seas, it was a sign and wonder that the people of Israel had not expected. Can you imagine being able to walk on dry land in the middle of the sea? Who can make that happen if not the God of the impossible? You might be feeling like you are drowning today in the middle of the ocean and you can’t see the shore. Your prayers are keeping you afloat and you might be hoping for a buoy or a small boat. God is going to surpass your expectations and make you walk on dry land in the middle of that ocean of turmoil. There is more coming your way. There is much more than the eye can see. Let your eyes see through the filter of faith. A faith that believes that God will surpass your expectations. I am very excited about what the Lord is going to do for you. Praise Him for His exceeding love! He is about to surpass all your expectations!


Suggested reading: Exodus 14; Jeremiah 32:27; Acts 3:16





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