Nothing can stop God’ Word

The other day when I was praying, I had a vision of the Word of God. It looked like both a giant book and a very tall person. The Word of God is a Person. God is His Word so that vision made sense. It was a short vision in my mind but it was impactful. The Word was walking through a room and nothing could stand in its way. It just kept on walking despite all the things that were lying on the floor and that could have made it fall. It was robust, determined and powerful. The message was clear. Nothing can stand in God’s way. God is powerful and His Word can go anywhere without any obstruction. I needed that message. I needed that great reminder. The Word can stand on its own and hold its power. God’s Word doesn’t go back to Him empty so if you use His Word, He will see you through. He will keep His promises. It’s important to know God’s Word so we can use it and it can produce amazing fruit in our lives. Knowing the Word gives us a protection that nothing can stop. God’s Word will prevail. God will always prevail. No one will stop Him. Trust and believe that your circumstances can’t detain God. They can’t keep Him from accomplishing what He said He would do in your life. Don’t let your mind get in the way. Don’t let your fears stop you in your faith tracks. God’s Word is invincible. Keep your faith in the Word!



When someone is unstoppable, they can appear to be a threat to other people. Their determination and their zeal can be intimidating. They can’t be restrained and they can’t be controlled which seems overwhelming at times. They will get what they want no matter what. They will get to their destination no matter what. God’s Word is unstoppable. It will do what it said it would do. The end of the story will be dictated by God’s Word. We know how it will end. Things might not be looking like it’s in God’s favor but God will always have the final say. Think of the Word of God as the unstoppable powerhouse that it is. Think of God as the unstoppable Lord that He is. In that vision the room represented the world and there where hurdles and obstacles all over the place. Some of them could have caused accidents but the Word of God was above all obstacles. If you look at your present situation and you see obstacles on the way, look at the Word of God. Take your eyes off the problems that are in the way. The Word of God has all your answers and it will get you through the difficulties.



The problems that have been crippling you don’t stand a chance in front of your God. Say that to yourself. Say that to your problems. Confess that God is going to help you through it all. Make that confession of faith daily. The problems won’t be able to resist the Lord’s power. They won’t last. God is going to give you peace and joy that will outlast the trials you are facing. Ask for peace to come back. Ask for joy to resurface. God will give you the peace and the joy you need during those trying times. You can find them in the Word of God. Prayerfully read the Word and the Spirit of God will point out the passages that will give you relief and strength. The biggest hurdle is often in your mind. The Spirit of God can help you with that and the Word of God will enable you to renew your mind. Your mind can be in line with God’s will and you will trust His promises once it is renewed. Don’t let your mind see your life in a way that contradicts God’s truth. Use the Word of God all the time. It will create miracles and it will heal your soul. When you speak God’s Word over your life in Jesus’ name, you are inserting His authority and power into your life. Wait and see how your problems react and how they scatter as you stay in faith. Keep the Word close to you. Keep the Lord close to you. Nothing and no one can stand in His way!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 55:11; Matthew 24:35; John 6:63


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