Give God some space

I went back to work last week after a few weeks of vacation. Getting back into the groove wasn’t too bad. The one problem I had is that I focused too much on some issues I had to deal with that involved one colleague. In my attempt to help her, I found myself very frustrated as I was met with some resistance that seemed very unfounded. The whole situation started to take over my thoughts and I had to push it out of my mind a few times. I didn’t like feeling that way so I prayed about it. The Lord told me I was doing it to myself. I meditated on His message and prayed some more. He is so comforting and so helpful all the time. I have to give Him the glory for helping me during the week. He showed me that I was giving too much space to the issue at hand and I was letting it consume me even though I had the tools to detach myself from it. He pointed out that it is always important to give more space to Him than to anyone or anything else. The space that the issue was occupying in my head belonged to God and He wanted it back. I was the one who could give it back to Him. I had to take the necessary measures to make it happen. Today I want to encourage you to give God His merited space and to make sure you always create space for Him. I put a problem on the throne of my mind and it sat there grinning and bragging about how much space it had taken up. I dealt with it and I am going to tell you more about how I made it go away.


The idea of giving too much mind space to my problem made sense. The Holy Spirit will speak to us in terms we can understand in case we miss His signs the first time around. I do believe He was revealing what was going on earlier in the week but I had blindfolds on that kept me from seeing what I needed to see. The main blindfold was my attention being put in the wrong place. When we divert our focus and place it on someone that is not the Lord, we will have a blurred view of the Lord. He will not be in the forefront and we will see Him in the distance and not at all. The attention I was giving to the issue was a major distraction. I could blame it on the fact that I spent so many hours at work outside of my prayer space but I can pray anywhere. As a matter of fact, I do pray anywhere and praying was what I wasn’t doing. I did pray at night and in the morning and I received a few nudges from the Holy Spirit. It took a few days for me to give in and listen more intently. Once I did, the message delivered me from the jail I had put my mind in.


The message was clear and simple; give God His space back. I was to remove that issue from the high place where I had it in my head. How did I do that? I inserted the Lord into my mind and I let His presence take control of my heart. Music pushed Jesus back into my mind. Friend, I praised Him like never before. I let His songs transport me and take me back to His throne. I saw Him, only Him and I smiled. The joy that accompanies praise is like no other. I worshipped Him and sang to Him. Now, when I was at work and I couldn’t sing out loud, I thanked Him. I thanked Him for everything. I thanked for details in my life. Gratitude is fortitude. It is powerful and it is amazing. I also took breaks during the day to pray and talk to the Holy Spirit. The issue became much smaller in my mind. The Lord told me not to focus on the problem and not to focus on the solution but to focus on the One who has the solution. It wasn’t for me to try and decide how God was going to help me with the colleague. My role was to thank Him that He has the solution and just focus on Him for who He is. Praise the Lord for clear and free minds. He did something incredible when I was going down the road of something that seemed indelible. Strive to give God more space in your mind and in your heart than you give to other things. We shouldn’t dethrone Him. Let’s keep Him where He belongs! Let’s give God His space!


Suggested reading: Psalm 11:4; Isaiah 6:1; Acts 7:49

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