There is still hope

I am always so amazed at God’s goodness and kindness. I feel that when the world has nothing to give me, the Lord always has something extraordinary for me. I have seen how attentive and caring He has been. My life without Him was a nightmare but now I am living the dream like they say. One thing that has been very helpful on this journey with the Lord, is learning that there is always hope with Him. Hope is not dead. Hope is alive and well. Hope died on the cross with Jesus but it rose again with Jesus’ resurrection. It has not left since. I used to experience the death of hope in my life without its resurrection. The enemy kept lying to me telling me that I was done and that there was no hope for me. He gave me a gloom description of the future and I would just go with it. He is very good at bringing people down and keeping them down there facing the dust of despair. Then Jesus came into my life. Then hope came back. Then I found out the truth. Then I smiled again even in the face of adversity.


The opposition will never stop lying and trying to steal our hope and joy. Jesus came and restored all that for good. With faith in our hearts and with the assistance of the Holy Spirit we can declare that hope is still here and it is not going away. This declaration stands strong even when our circumstances seem hopeless. Today I want to reiterate that there is still hope. You might be going through a very tough time now and you can’t comprehend how hope can return. It will not return because it has never left. There is still hope, friend. In Jesus’ name your situation is going to get better. Trust that it will. Focus on the creator of hope. Things are going to turn around!


The hope of a better tomorrow is something we can expect. With the Lord hope is not off the table. It is on the table. It is on the table that He sets before you as depicted in Psalm 23. You have the right to hope. You are being served hope every day. It is part of your daily menu. It is in every spiritual meal you are eating every day. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are all comprised of hope. If you can’t find it, ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to this essential ingredient. There is a lavish table set before you daily and the Lord is rejoicing over what He is giving you. Take freely. Eat freely. Thank the Lord for serving you love, faith, joy, hope and other delicious treats. The Lord is generous and He has a plethora of blessings and fruit of the Spirit for you. Hope is there. You can access it in Jesus’ name. Sometimes simply thanking the Lord for Hope is how we jumpstart it. Bring gratitude to the table of the Lord and you will receive what you need the most.


How does the Lord’s hope affect your daily circumstances? Hope is an unmovable entity that only doubt and fear can remove. Hope is there just like the Lord is there with you. It’s a question of knowing that you have it and then acting accordingly. A good way to make sure hope is putting pressure on your circumstances so to speak, is by speaking hope into every situation. It’s not by saying that you hope that something will happen but by saying that it will happen in Jesus’ name. Hope gives you boldness. Hope expresses faith. It speaks of things unseen and it sees them before they happen. Hope is powerful and beautiful. It changes storms into sunshine. It pushes away sadness and sorrow. It gives meaning to our lives and it gives us the energy to live our lives. Hope is what I call “a wielder.”  It allows us to wield the tools of our faith in the Lord. We can wield the hammer of faith thanks to hope. We can hold the weapon of love thanks to hope. We can hold the scissors of joy that cut into depression. Hope is a glue that holds every piece of our faith together. (Love being the super glue). Don’t let anything whisper that there is no hope today. Talk back and express your faith. Tell your circumstances that they are temporary. Keep your hope in the Lord. Things are going to change!


Suggested reading: Psalm 38:15; Psalm 33:22; Hebrews 10:23


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