Do not worry about anything

“Do not worry about anything” is probably what I hear the most when I am in prayer. I need that reassurance and that reminder. A few weeks ago, I heard it pretty loud and clear in my spirit as I was getting ready to go to work for a meeting. I wasn’t sure why it was so loud and I started to wonder what was going to happen that day and why God was telling me that. I thought it had to do with something that was going to take place on the way to work or some news I was going to get. Long story short, during the meeting I had, I was told about some changes at work that would affect me directly. I was taken aback. I didn’t see it coming but then I remembered the encouragement the Lord had put in my heart earlier and it all made sense. The change wasn’t bad but it wasn’t what I had been used to and it took me some time to get used to it. I did my best not to panic and not to worry. I was just amazed at how the Lord had warned me and how He had prepared my spirit for what was to come. The changes are still unfolding at work but I have the assurance that everything is going to be fine because God knew about it. It wasn’t a surprise to Him. He wanted to make sure that I reacted with peace and confidence in Him.



Worrying is one of those default settings that we all have. We all worry at some point. It’s human nature and it feels normal to a lot of us. However, God desires for us to change our settings and replace some of them with His default settings. His settings are based in faith and love. There is no fear in perfect love and it is for us to set our minds and our hearts to the love setting. That setting should be locked in and never tampered with. Once we are secured in His love, we will believe that there is nothing to worry about. Why? God loves us and He won’t let anything happen to us that could harm us or destroy us. Faith in His love for us is crucial. It changes the temperature of our feelings. It freezes the feelings of anxiety and fear and it keeps good vibes high. There is divine protection around us because of the One who is with us. There is nothing to fear!



Hearing “Do not fear” is comforting but we must attach the reason why we shouldn’t fear to it. The fundamental reason why we shouldn’t fear is found in what the Lord did on the cross and through the resurrection process. When Jesus was hung on the cross, He took your place and mine. He became a curse so we wouldn’t have to be cursed. He suffered a horrible death and with Him died our sins, transgressions and pain. He also died so that we would have life and have it more abundantly. He paved the way for peace and for freedom. You were bought back through what Jesus did. You were brought back to life when He was resurrected. The power to destroy your life died with Jesus and He came back to life with the power to give life in abundance. Fear and worry are not part of the covenant we have with Him. They are a package deal that was left behind when you accepted Jesus as your Savior. Talk to your fears. Talk to your concerns and scare them away with the name above all names. Jesus conquered death and He gave you a reason not to fear anymore!



It doesn’t matter if you read this message in the morning or at night. The encouragement in this message still stands. Do not worry about anything. Instead give everything to the Lord in prayer. When worry is overwhelming, knock on the Lord’s door and give Him your worries. They will die as they go through the process of being trumped by your faith. Take the time to deal with the fear and the worries. Don’t go into anything with anxiety. Pray the worries away. Praise yourself back to peace. Let God remove all worries. He has the power to do it. Have faith that He has taken care of everything and that you can move into your next chapter with no fear and no anxiety. God’s got you. He’s got this. There is no reason to worry and fear!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 35:4; John 14:27; Romans 8:38-39


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