God will make you strong again

I love reading about God’s promises. They are so encouraging and so comforting. The other day I was reading parts of Psalm 119, the longest Psalm in the Bible. The verse I was looking at had to do with how God promised that He would make us strong again. He is our strength and our refuge and in Him we can find everything we need. He lacks nothing and strength is definitely something He has in abundance. When you feel depleted or you are run down, remember that God will make you strong again. He promised it. Remind Him of His promises. Approach Him in prayer and tell Him that you need His strength. Show yourself vulnerable before the Lord and He will show the world how strong you are in Him! If you can’t go on any longer, know that the Lord can give you what you need. He is more than willing to bless you with more strength than you ever had before. He can give you what you don’t think is possible. He specializes in impossible made possible like I often say. His promise to strengthen you is valid and it will never change. It doesn’t matter how weak or tired you are today; His strength is available to you. Today I want to encourage you to get up and keep going. Don’t stay on the floor of misery. Let the Holy Spirit assist you and give you the power to make it and to even excel. You are meant to do well in this life because the Lord your God is in control and He is blessing you left and right. God will give you strength again. Stay in faith!


There was a time when I had little energy because I was just too busy and I got very little rest. Everything was going at 100 miles an hour. I was exhausted but I couldn’t slow down. I was heading in the wrong direction. I was heading toward a major burnout. The Lord didn’t let me get there. He caught my attention and put me on the right path. The path of restoration, the path of reconstruction, the path of reformation. My mind and my thoughts had to be reformed. They had to be impacted by the Lord’s reasoning and not influenced by my own foolishness. I couldn’t see that I was doing more damage than good to my body and to my spirit. Try driving 100 miles an hour the wrong way and you will feel the way I felt. Anxiety and stress were my backseat companions and they were cozy, cruising down the path of life with me. They happily took all my mental energy and left me with little to go on. I didn’t feel strong.  It wasn’t God’s plan for me to be so low and He got me out of it. His strength got me through it. God will sustain you and carry you when you turn to Him. I got on my knees and asked Him to take over because I couldn’t anymore and He did just that.


A rock is hard to break. Can you imagine a rock having the ability to make you hard to break? God can do that. He is the Rock of ages that can fortify you and make you strong. Just pray about it. Keep an open heart and let Him do His thing. When you stay in Him, He makes you more like Him. You can’t spend time in the Lord without being impacted by who He is. He leaves traces of Him in you. When you praise and worship, He inhabits your praises and His presence is tangible. Fear goes away, anxiety runs away and fatigue can’t stay. God will turn you into a spiritual rock if you let Him. In Psalm 119, David says “Lord make me strong again like You promised.” God kept His promise and He built Him up. He gave Him the energy He was lacking. He took His lack and replaced it with abundance. Remember that if you seek the Lord you will lack no good thing. Is strength a good thing? It certainly is! Seek God’s face today. Stay in Him. Rely on Him and the strength and power you need will be there. God gave you a spirit of power but sometimes your mind and your body must be reminded of that pertinent truth. Don’t give up. Strength is on the way. God is going to make you strong again. He keeps His promises. Praise Him!


Suggested reading: Psalm 119:18; Chronicles 16:11; 2 Timothy 1:7


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