God is a million steps ahead of you

God is always ahead of us. He is not just a few steps ahead but He is a million steps ahead of us. He is far out there. He has seen where we are going and He has walked it all. When Jesus died on the cross, He received the world’s punishment. He became sin for us and He paid the price for the entire humanity that will ever live. He was in our shoes. He walked to the gates of death in our shoes. He conquered death in our shoes. He saw and felt our suffering. The Lord knows our pain. He has seen it all before we even did. He has lived it all and He knows the outcome. The outcome is Him winning against death. He won against all the pain and distress that will ever be on the earth. He has taken care of it all. He has also gone to places we will never reach. He went there so we wouldn’t have to. Whatever is coming your way, God knows what it looks like, feels like and tastes like. He has tasted the fear, the tears and the disappointments. He has felt the way you will feel tomorrow and the next day. You might have an idea of what the future holds but the Lord holds the future for you. Your next steps are no surprises to the Lord. He has been in your shoes and He has tied them for you so that you don’t trip and fall. If the enemy does make you fall, remember that the Lord fell first but He got up and rose again. Friend, your future is in great hands. You don’t have to worry about what’s coming. God has mapped out every single step you will take and He is going over that map with you, hand in hand. You don’t have to walk alone. God is by your side and He will make sure you get to your destination.



God is directing our steps. He is leading us and taking us places. All we have to do is trust that He knows where we are going and that He can be trusted. I sometimes see myself blinded, walking slowly but God is walking with me. I might not see where I am headed and my circumstances might be blurring my sight but the One who is directing my steps has clear vision and He is in control. In the darkest nights He is my light. His lamp is allowing me to see despite the enemy’s blind spots. God will always show you the way as you hold on to Him tightly. There is nothing to fear and there is nothing to worry about. He is before us, behind us, on our left and on our right. We are well-protected by His presence. He would never let us go out alone. He is in us and with us. He is the Father that will never leave His children. As a child of God, rejoice that He is always with you. Sing it out loud. Let your heart praise Him. Show Him gratitude. Thank Him for every step. Thank Him for being ahead of the game. Thank Him for knowing how the game ends. Thank Him for keeping you in the game. Thank Him for being in control even when you feel like you are losing the game.



God is a million steps ahead of us but it doesn’t mean He is not right by our side as well. He is in front of us to pave the way for His love to be manifested in our lives. There will be traps on the way but God’s love has seen the traps and it has closed the jaws of the enemy who was ready to devour us on the way. No traps and no tricks are too deceiving for our Lord. The Lord will show you what to do and how to avoid the enemy’s snares. The Lord’s love is the power that nullified the enemy’s plans for our lives. The cross is the amazing symbol of love that stands tall in the face of adversity. Walk behind the cross. Stay with the cross. Don’t let the lies of the enemy derail you. God took care of it all. Your steps are taking you on the right path. Don’t fall into the trap of fear. You have nothing to be afraid of because your steps have been predetermined by our God. Keep walking. Walk with confidence and walk with pride in Jesus. Get in His shoes. Put on His shoes of victory. You are not walking back to the grave, you are walking in the Lord’s salvation. God is ahead of you to sow blessings on your path and to shower the way with His love. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 58:11; Proverbs 3:6; John 14:26

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