Create your own thunder

There are days when I spend very little time using electronics. Days when I leave my phone on airplane mode for most of the day. Days when I don’t go on social media and I don’t engage with many people. I don’t leave the house and I don’t see anyone. Those days are when I disconnect so I can reconnect. I disconnect from the world so I can reconnect with the Lord. It’s not a total disconnection and the reconnection is not because I have been completely disconnected from the Lord. It’s a time for me to go deeper and to purge some of the ways of the world that I have attached myself to when I am busy being part of the world. The last time I had a disconnect day I spent more time in prayer and it was a glorious day. I enjoy those days so much because their positive effects last for days and carry me through the rest of the week. I received some very encouraging messages the last time I isolated myself.


Isolation from the world is necessary if we want to find more contact time with the Lord. I get very engaged in my job and I must create space for God during the days when I am teaching or it would be easy for me to be disconnected. I take a step back and give time to the Lord. I pray, I praise and I read the Scriptures. It gives me a boost and it keeps me grounded. Being with over a hundred kids every day requires a lot of structure and patience. It requires peace, joy and love. It requires all the fruit of the Spirit and that is true for every job I am sure. Now when we are engrossed in our jobs, the temptation to throw the fruit out of the window is real especially when our patience is being tested. Contact time with God is primordial because it helps recover the fruit that we almost lose. When I was disconnected a few days ago, the Lord spoke to my heart and said that I needed to be more thankful for the present. It is something I had known but His reminder hit me like thunder on a summer day.


Thunder on a summer day can take us by surprise. The weather can be gorgeous when all of a sudden clouds move in and there comes thunder. When the Lord indicated the need I had to be more grateful for each moment, it felt like that surprise event in the middle of a gorgeous day. I thought I had been doing pretty well with my gratitude but I was lacking in that department. What I needed and still need today, is to thank the Lord for the present. I did just that when I got the message. I stopped eating and I prayed and thanked the Lord. I thanked Him for His presence and for the beautiful present. I thanked Him for that very moment. My mind tried to tell me that nothing exciting was happening but my spirit was able to see the beauty in the present. God is with us all the time. His Spirit is in us all the time. Those are perfectly great reasons to be thankful. We can and we should be thankful all the time for the present and for His presence.


Today I want to encourage to stop what you are doing a few times a day and be thankful for the present. Keep it simple. Thank God for the minutes now. Thank Him for being with you. Thank Him for His goodness, His kindness, for who He is. Make it a habit to be thankful for the moment because the Lord gives you every moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s an entertaining moment or if it’s the best moment of your life. As long as it is a moment, you should thank God for it. It’s one of those habits that keep us centered and grounded in the Lord. Create your own thunder on your summer day by thanking the Lord for the simplicity of the moment. It will certainly sound like thunder in the ears of the enemy and it will be a light of sunshine in your day no matter what you are going through. Gratitude is the best attitude. Gratitude keeps you in God’s will. Gratitude changes you. Gratitude blesses the Lord and it blesses you. Gratitude is the key to a life of peace and joy with the Lord. Gratitude causes thunder of hope to strike in the midst of the worst weather patterns of your life. After that thunder, blue skies will come back. Be grateful for the present each and every day! Let that thunder come out with every word of gratitude!


Suggested reading: 2 Chronicles 5:13; Jeremiah 30:19; 2 Corinthians 4:15


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