Do it all for love

A few of my friends and I had a three-day weekend because of the holiday. When we talked about how yesterday went at work after a long weekend, the common theme was that we could get used to three-day weekends easy. This was our second three-day weekend in a row. I found it very nice to have more time off but then I was reminded that I have a job that the Lord gave me and that His job is a precious blessing. It is a true blessing. It is a gift and I need to see it as it is. It is not a chore that I have to do Monday through Friday. The weekends spent grading and correcting tests and projects are not laborious. They are what I was given and I was granted those blessings for a reason. God wants me to see my job as a blessing for me and for others. I can touch lives for Him through my job. I can speak for Him through my job. I can be His image shining in my job. The idea here is that I am doing it for Him, I am doing it all for love. When you adopt that perspective, it changes your approach to your job to other things that could seem tedious.


If we could see everything we do as fragments of love that we are spreading, we would get a vision of the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that the Lord is distributing love to the world through us. Every bit counts. Every action counts. Every word and every thought put into action count. We are what I call part of the love extension. God is love and we are the extension of His love that can reach the world. He is the head and we are the body and we ought to be an active body. If we stop the flow of the love from the head, we will be like dead members that are not fulfilling their parts. We will be a body that is not reacting to the orders given by the head. I also describe the Lord as being the Heart of the body and His love runs through our veins. We can’t stop that flow of life. We have to let the love circulate and allow the body of Christ to touch the world. You and I are agents of love for the Lord so when we complain about our jobs and our duties, we compromise our roles as agents and we put a dent in our beautiful mission.


Getting up early after three days of rest wasn’t easy but I wasn’t just getting up for myself. I was getting up for my students, for my colleagues and above all for the Lord. “What can I do for You, Lord today?” is a great question we should ask when we get up. We should be asking what we can do for love every day. Think about how that attitude can change you and your intentions for the day. Love needs an outlet in this world. Love needs you and me to come out and change the world. Love has a language that isn’t heard enough these days. Hate has been too vocal and too blatant. It’s become expected and it is taking too much territory. It’s time we got that territory back by giving the Lord a voice through our actions and our words. Next time work seems to be too much, take a step back and think about who you are doing it for. Think about the implications of a good work done for love. Think about how you were given this amazing blessing. Think about how much love you can dispense. People at work need your positivity and your great disposition. They need Jesus in you. They need love so do it all for love!


Suggested reading: Luke 6:27-28; John 15:12; Romans 13:10


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