God will bail you out

I have my early conversations with God during meditative prayer every day. That precious time between 5 and 6 am is invaluable. It’s me and the Lord and a host of messages and revelations. Recently when I was deep in prayer the Lord showed me how He breaks chains and gives people deliverance. I was amazed at the kindness and the goodness that transpired from His message. A lot of people are bound and are living in chains. There are chains of addiction, chains of suffering, chains of sorrow, chains of depression. Anything negative thing you can think of can appear in the form of a chain. There are even chains that look like freedom but they actually keep us captive. I know that I used to be bound by the chains of religion and self-righteousness. They were accompanied by chains of a superiority complex that kept me thinking that if I acted pure and holy, I was better off and better than other people. I had a religious mindset that made me believe that piety was achieved by my actions and people deserved to be punished for their sins. I had no right to judge and no right to see myself as a better person than others. We all sin and if someone has a different sin than ours it does not mean that they are inferior or better for that matter. God can break the chains of sin and the chains of religion.



God is a God of freedom. He is an expert at breaking chains. Think about the atonement. Think about what Jesus did when He died and rose again. On the cross Jesus bore all our sins and suffering. It was as if He were wrapped in the chains of the worst of the worst. He had all the chains of negativity that have existed and that will ever exist. He saw it all. He felt it all. He was afflicted by our sins and pain and yet He conquered them all. If you are in chains today, know that the Lord broke those chains when He came back from the dead. He put an end to your suffering and He paid all your debts. During that prayer time I referred to earlier, the Lord said that He bails people out. He gets them out of their jail and He takes them out of the prisons where they were held. That message pierced my heart and stayed in my spirit. It still feels vibrant and alive today. God is going to bail you out, friend. He did it on the cross and through faith you are going to receive the manifestation of His deliverance. You might have been limited for a while because of the chains but that season is coming to an end. Freedom is coming. The Lord has paid the price for you.



Why would God pay the price for you? Do you ever wonder why? He loved you before you were even born. He adores you. He would do anything for you and He did. He paid the highest price so you can get the highest prize. Freedom is what you deserve and Jesus made sure you would walk free from bondage. I want to encourage you to claim your freedom today. Remind the enemy that the Lord bailed you out and you owe nothing. You are not a slave to sin and you are not a slave to suffering. Nothing else needs to be paid. You are free. You are clear of the pain, clear of the debts. God has given you a new lease on life and you are going to walk in your freedom. If the chains still feel real, let your faith make them fall. Talk against them. Proclaim the Word of God against them. The suffering is temporary. Jesus’s freedom is forever. Don’t let the opposition scare you out of the truth. The truth is that God will always prevail and the chains have to go. Praise and you will see how the chains fall off. Praise and you will stand strong against the absurdity of the adversity. Praise until the doors of that jail fling wide open. God is going to bail you out and free you from where the enemy put you. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: John 8:36; Acts 16:16-40; 2 Corinthians 3:17


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