God will show you the way

It’s easy to feel lost these days with everything that is going on. There was a time when I felt lost a lot. I didn’t know where to go. I would think that I was supposed to go one way and then I would find myself against a wall. I hit so many walls. It happened so often that my spiritual face got bruised from the collisions and I barely recognized who I was. I lost my identity a few times. I didn’t know who I was meant to be in the Lord. I got pulled on one side by the demands of the world and gently invited on the other side by the kindness of God. It would be wise to take the Lord up on His invitations every time but the lure of the world can be very convincing. The confusion that comes from the pull and from the invitation can be so real. Our spirits want to follow the Lord but our flesh is ready to party with the world all the time. However, there is a path set before us by the Lord and it is a wonderful destiny. He is with us on that path and He has paved the path with blessings and victories over the world’s seductive ways. The Lord provides a lamp.


We need to start with the lamp. The Lord has made a lamp available to us believers. His Word is a lamp that will light the way and show us where the path starts. It all starts with the Word. God is His Word so it truly all starts with God. It doesn’t start with a secondhand concept of who God is. The path starts with a desire to get to know the Lord and to follow Him. The Word is the ignition that starts the engine of faith, the vehicle will lead us on this amazing journey. God will show the way. God has a great way to show us the way. His path is made clear by His Spirit and every step we take on the path is directed by Him. Today I want to remind you that God will show you the way. Trust that He will guide you, He will lead you and He will carry you. He is not passive. He is actively doing life with you and there is no one else He would rather be than with you and me!


I use maps all the time when I have to find a new place. I know the area around me fairly well now so I don’t need to look at a map. When I do look at a map of the area, most of it looks familiar. I have made enough use of it that it makes sense and I recognize most of the region. The Word of God is a lamp into our feet and a map. It is the outline of our lives and the map of where we are heading. It gets problematic when we look at the Word and it doesn’t look familiar. When we look at where we are supposed to be heading but we don’t recognize much of it. If we want the Lord to show us the way, we need to spend time learning about His way. His way will take us to the highway of our destiny. When we know the Word of God, we know how to navigate through life better. We understand what to expect from the Lord and we have a roadmap for every area of our everyday lives. The Word of God has all we need to put one foot in front of the other with confidence.


I love how the Holy Spirit was sent to help us. He is the best guide and the best coach. I am learning how to rely on Him more and more. He is One with the Lord and He knows all there is to know about Jesus. How great is that?! Jesus gave us the perfect Friend and Companion. He is not just God; He is family. He is in us and with us. He cares about us and He assists us in all affairs of life. I started teaching again a few weeks ago after the summer break. I am teaching a new grade level and I have to prepare new lessons and come up with new activities. Yesterday morning during prayer, I had one of those “stop and be quiet” moment. I just listened and all the Lord told me was about some new activities I could put together for my students. I took some mental notes and then I finalized everything at work. I must tell you that the Lord was spot on, as always, and the lessons were very interactive and engaging. I had been a bit stuck before that but the Lord showed me the way. He enlightened that path for me so He could in turn bless the kids through the lessons. This is just an example but there are many others I could share. Turn to the Lord in all things. Let Him show you the way. Ask Him to turn the light brighter when you need it. He knows the way. Stay in faith. The Lord won’t leave you in the dark!


Suggested reading: Psalm 119:105; Proverbs 6:23; 2 Peter 1:19

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