Even when you walk in the darkest valley

The other night I had to drive through a woodsy area to get to my destination. It was very dark and a bit scary. I could barely see anything and I felt like I was in one of those horror movies driving through the woods, trying to make my way through the darkness. It made me think of the verse in Psalm 23 that says, “Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid.” I said to myself,” Even when I drive through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid.” I wasn’t afraid but the thoughts that try to overtake your mind when you are in a dismal situation attempted to get inside my head. Then it dawned on me that it doesn’t matter where I am or how menacing the situation, I am in might be, I do not need to be afraid. In the worst valleys God is still around. As I am driving down the road to my destiny, God is riding with me. He is not afraid of the dark and He is not scared of the worst situations possible because He can change them around completely. Jesus during His worst time and His darkest hour still held on to God. As horrible as it all seemed He knew that great things were coming and His suffering didn’t compare to the blessings to come. He reached His darkest valley and He made it through it and changed the world forever. We all face dark valleys. Some valleys are deeper than others. Some are darker than others but they are all valleys. What might seem like a shallow valley can feel like the deepest valley to someone else. Today I want to encourage you to stay in faith when you are walking through a dark valley and to be there for others when they are in a dark situation whether it looks small or big.



Many of us must deal with valleys that start in our minds. The mind is a battlefield as you probably know and it can be a source of torment or a place of peace. The torment part is more prevalent and it calls for us to be diligently working on renewing our minds. It is a lot of work at times but it is very necessary. Our minds can drive us crazy to say the least so they need to be tamed and controlled. Reading the Word of God regularly helps tremendously. It allows our minds to lose their dark side and cross over to a brighter and sunnier approach to life. The Bible is a cure for the worst case of overthinking when it is used to fill our thought patterns. I was once in a dark valley in my head and flowers and roses were nowhere in sight. I had a constant fog and a constant storm in my head. The valley was so deep that I couldn’t get myself out of my head. However, that whole time there was a beautiful world beyond the valley. I just couldn’t access it. The Lord was with me in that dark spot and He is the One who got me out. His mercy and grace reached down and grabbed my hand as I let me faith give me the little push I was desperate for. The valley was dark but nothing and no one is as bright as our Lord!



There are so many dark valleys around the world. It would take an exorbitant amount of time to try and go over all of them. You know what valley you are in now. You know how it feels and how much it hurts. The Lord knows that too. He is so compassionate that He made sure that encouragements about the valleys of life would make it into His Word. The Lord is talking to you now and reassuring you that despite the darkness of your valley, there is a light that shines brighter than the sun. His light is within you. Remember that greater is the One that is in you than the one that is in this world. Greater is the One who lives in you than the darkness that resides in the valley. Pray to the Lord for light. Pray for brightness. Pray for comfort in the valley. Above all praise Him even when you are in the valley. The darkness will not know how to react to your act of adoration. Praise dissipates darkness and negativity. The fog in your head is going to go away. This valley has an end. Keep walking through it. Keep praying through it. The Lord has an enormous blessing for you on the other side. Don’t lose hope. This valley shall pass in Jesus’ name! Share that word with someone and touch someone’s heart in the middle of his or her valley.


Suggested reading: Psalm 23:4; Hebrews 13:5; 1 John 4:4

One thought on “Even when you walk in the darkest valley

  1. Very true. He is with u sin the valleys and often will escort us into those valleys. He does so to expose the fear which is actually from our ‘self’ nature. As it is exposed we are able to repent of it and be free; from ‘self’ and its fear. He also shows us He is greater than any fear or obstacle when we are in the valley. He is more faithful to us than we could ever imagine!

    Homer Les


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