10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 86)

Faith recognizes the presence of danger with the absence of fear. It rises above danger and it moves around in peace knowing that God is in control.

The world says “Worry when you get there.” The Lord says “Don’t worry even when you are there.”

Keep going into God’s direction and you will keep going into the right direction. Everything that points to the Lord points you in the best direction!

Judging others is a form of hating others. We can’t judge those who don’t walk the way we walk or talk the way we talk. We should love those who walk and talk differently. Judging is a superiority complex based on an egotistical foundation.

Putting on a mask of purity while speaking impurities doesn’t make us a follower of Christ. Foul language reveals the face behind the mask.

Run your own race and don’t keep your eyes on the people in other lanes. Keep your eyes on Jesus who is smiling at you in your lane. He made that lane just for you.

When fear and doubt die, faith and hope arise. Give your fears the death penalty and you will be sentenced to faith for life!

Staying in the Word means staying in the truth but you can’t stay in the Word alone. Make room for the Holy Spirit so the Word’s truth is revealed to you.

God will mend your broken bones. Don’t hide your wounds from Him. He felt them all and He knows them all. He wants you to trust that He knows what you have been through. He went there first!

Partner with the Spirit of God and you will be in the best alliance that exists. Keep turning to Him for guidance and counseling. He will coach you through life!

Suggested reading: Judges 3:10-14; Luke 24:45-49; 2 Corinthians 5:16-18

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