Don’t worry about the future

I have a lot of clothes but sometimes I wonder what I am going to wear the next day or even that day. Worrying about that just doesn’t make sense. I have gotten better at not letting those worrisome thoughts take up any of my mind space. What truly helped me was when I studied how Jesus tells us in His Word that we should never worry about tomorrow. He has taken care of it. He has already provided everything for tomorrow and for any day in the future. The example of the clothes I gave might sound very simple but Jesus’ encouragement not to worry can be applied to anything in life. Big or small. When we have no money for bills, He still says “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” When we are in bad health or we have suffered a loss, He still says “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” When we don’t know how we are going to get out of a bad situation, He still says “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” We could bring any problem, trial, concern or tribulation to Him and He will not change what He has to say about it.



Today might be filled with anxiety. He has a remedy for that and He has tomorrow covered. I want to remind you today not to worry about what’s to come. Don’t worry about how you are going to make it. Don’t worry about having enough of anything for tomorrow. Don’t worry about how this addiction is going to be cured. Worry for nothing like the Bible says. Tomorrow will come but the Lord will be there as well. He is there all the time. Don’t worry about how the chains are going to come off. Don’t worry about your spiritual growth. When we worry about tomorrow, we slowly shave off the blessings that are in store for the days and times to come. Worry gnaws at our faith and spoils the potential for greatness in our lives. Worry is a thief. Don’t let it rob you of the bright future that the Lord has for you. Get worry out of your system today and be alert so it doesn’t come and take tomorrow’s beauty away from you. Don’t worry about the future. It’s in God’s hands!



The Lord is here with you. He has seen your past and He knows your future. He is in the future, in the present and in the past. He is omniscient. He has a clear idea of what’s coming and He supplied your needs through the resurrection process. Your future is covered. It is covered by the blood of the Lamb. The enemy will try to destroy it but rest assured that in the name of the Lord the enemy was defeated. Your faith will keep him at bay. Your trust in the Lord will rub him the wrong way. Your connection with God gives him anxiety but he will relentlessly attempt to ruin what’s coming. He does that by doing his best to activate negative thoughts that aim at defusing your faith. He puts doubt and fear in your heart so that worry dominates your mind and brings you down little by little. He knows very well that worry is the opposite of faith so his goal is to fill you up with worry about the tiniest things. You see, if you worry about small things, you have enough practice for the big things. The better you are at worrying about trivial things, the better you will be at worrying about more important things. Don’t let worry occupy your heart. Give it to Jesus. When you pray, give up the worry. Renounce it. Take it to the Lord with faith. Divorce worry. Serve worry papers every time it sneaks in. Show worry the papers of the faith; the Word of God. Say out loud what the Word says about worry. It says that it has no place in you. You are adored and loved by the Lord and there is no fear in perfect love. God’s love for you is perfect!




Think about the riches of Heaven. Think about God’s riches in glory. He makes them available to you so that you will not lack anything. Meditate on that truth and let it become part of your faith structure. Build up that structure. Make your faith stronger. Feed it the truth of the Gospel. Cause your worries to starve. Don’t give them any nourishment through overthinking. Declare that what God says about you is true. He says that He is taking care of you and that is the truth. No weapon forged against you shall prosper. That is true today and it will be true in the future. The Lord has a future for you that is so bright that you will need a double pair of sunglasses. He is going to dazzle you with His love. He is going to make you rejoice over His goodness. Tomorrow is coming but God’s kindness and love have already been there. They went before you and stayed there waiting for you. Don’t worry about what will happen. Don’t worry about how you are going to handle the affairs of life. God cares about all your business and He has handled it all. Stay in peace. With God, there is nothing to worry about!


Suggested reading: Matthew 6:34; Matthew 11:28-30; Luke 12:25

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