What does God have for you?

I had never heard of pluots until I discovered them years ago in California. They are a hybrid of a plum and an apricot. When I got home that summer after discovering the pluots, I realized that most grocery stores have them where I live on the east coast. I had probably walked by them a hundred times and never paid attention to them before that. They had been there the whole time. I could have found those delicious fruits right at home. This made me think of how God has so many good things for us but we sometimes just walk by them. We don’t see them and therefore we don’t look for them. My friend in San Diego introduced me to the pluots. There are blessings the Lord has that we don’t discover on our own. We don’t know about them until someone on the outside tells us about them. Today I want to encourage you to learn about the good things the Lord has for you right at home. Dig into the Bible. Find those treasures. Discover the pluots of the Word of God. They have been there the whole time. Discovering what God has for us is crucial because we can’t ask for what we don’t know belong to us rightfully. The Word of God has a lot to say about our lives in Christ. We can learn so much from sermons and messages. However, we don’t need another party to introduce us to the truth. We need the Spirit of God and the way we can get Him to talk to us so to speak is to spend time in His Word and acknowledge Him in all we do. Go find out what the Lord has for you. Don’t wait for Sunday morning. Don’t just rely on your Bible study time in a group. Have your own study time. Glean from the Holy Spirit. Your interaction with Him will bear fruit. It will produce pluots you never knew existed.



When I first read that God said that His people died for lack of knowledge, I spent a lot of time thinking about His statement. The less we know and the less life we receive in some areas of our lives is what I saw in this powerful statement. One version of this verse says that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. The more you know, the better off you will be. What if God had a remedy for the everyday gloominess and blues for instance? What if He had that remedy but you and I never knew about it? What if He had it available but we always walked right by it? Then we would stay in that state of gloominess not knowing that the Lord could get us out. He can. He does have a remedy for gloominess. He is the remedy. He says, “Come to Me you that are burdened.” You will agree that feeling gloomy and heavy is a burden. His remedy is to turn to Him and give that heaviness to Him. How? We can be freed by spending more time in Him and seeking His face. That is the secret to my transformation in the Lord. When I decided to make Him a bigger part of my life, my life changed completely. I had never been told that it was important to praise and worship at home. That discovery is one of the most precious pluots I have ever found. My spiritual life and my life as whole were revolutionized when I started praising in the privacy of my dorm room. It is the blessing that has kept me in God’s presence and that gives me the most joy and peace.


What does God have for you? Do you ever ask that question? He has an abundance of everything that is good. Love being the first thing on the list. If anyone tells you differently, don’t receive it. Don’t accept it. It’s not from God. He is love and He has love for you in ways you have never experienced on a human level. He is God. He is majestic and He is in this world but also out of this world. Out of this world is what He has for you. He is not like any human being you know. He is above anyone and everything. You can expect blessings from heaven with the Lord. You can expect a table set before you with goodness, mercy and kindness. He also has joy and peace for you. It is part of who He is. If you don’t feel joyful or if you don’t feel peace, the Lord has them for you. Learn about it in his Word. Learn about it during prayer. Seek His face. Surrender to Him. Lift Him up. He will guide you into all the things He has for you. God has much more than the eye can meet unless you use your eye of faith and then you will see the goodness of God in action. Stay in faith!


Suggested reading: Hosea 4:6; Job 36:12; Matthew 11:28-30



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