God has kept His promises

When the school year started, I felt led to read a verse every day to myself during my break. The daily reading helps pierce the atmosphere and make a hole in the negativity. Schools like any other places have a lot of negativity in them. Sometimes it appears to be thick but prayers help. Yesterday I happened to read about how we belong to Christ and we inherit all of God’s blessings. This was a promise God had made to Abraham and we are descendants of Abraham because of Jesus so the promise is true for us as well. Let that sink in. Let it get into your spirit and stay there forever. In this chapter in the book of Galatians, it is also mentioned how the Lord gave us the Holy Spirit and the working of miracles among us. How and why? He gave us His Spirit through His Son and He did it out of love for us. It’s time we accepted God’s love and all that comes with it. We should accept all of God; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is amongst us. He performs miracles but we have not paid too much attention to His miracle working power so not much has been happening. Yet we are entitled to His miracles. The blessings of the Lord are part of our inheritance and miracles are included. Abraham was a man of faith and his faith pleased God. I want the kind of faith Abraham had. I want a faith that is not interrupted by the doubts society lays upon us. I want a faith that shows me miracles before they take place. I want a faith that receives God’s blessings without blinking.



Today I want to encourage you to trust that despite the challenges you are facing, God has blessings for you, dear descendant of Abraham. God’s promises in His Word are valid for you. You are part of the family. You are one of a kind and God loves you so much that He gave His Son so you would have eternal life. Salvation is the start of miracles. It is the most miraculous event that could happen to you. If you don’t know where to begin, start with salvation. Start thanking the Lord for it. Learn about it. Accept it and embrace it as the most precious thing in your life today. Salvation means union with the Lord. Isn’t that amazing? It’s comforting that we can live out our salvation today. We are part of the blessed nation that came after Abraham. It is through faith that we have life in Christ. Get excited about the promises of the Lord. Get excited about the possibilities that become realities. Your new reality is in the Lord. It’s not the world’s norms but it’s God’s reality. A miracle is not uncommon for God. It is commonplace. It is part of His language. Part of His reality. Speak the language of miracles and blessings as you speak the Word of God over your life. Enough with the bad, deprecating, doubt-filled talk. Let God talk through you as you speak His promises.



Child of God through faith in Christ, what are you going to do about the promises of God? Are you going to treat them as guaranteed blessings or are you going to write them off as undeserved promises? If you live your life in faith, trusting and believing that the Lord is with you and blessing you, you are accepting His promises. If you live in doubt, rejecting the blessings by your actions and words, you are not adhering to the truth. If the truth is hard to stick to, pray that it becomes clearer to you. Ask the Lord for clarity. Take that small step. Ask and you shall receive. The promises of God to Abraham still stand today and they are waiting for you to count on them. There are blessings waiting for you. Your faith can grab them. Persist in faith. Don’t give up. Keep trusting even when things look bad. It’s fervent faith that gets results. It’s your tenacity in Christ that will bring great things to pass. God has kept His promises and He won’t change His mind. If you need to pierce the negative atmosphere around you today, proclaim that the Lord loves you and that He keeps His promises to you. Proclaim that Jesus is Lord and you have Him in your life forever. Proclaim His love and His goodness. Before long the spiritual atmosphere around you will change for the better. Stay encouraged!



Suggested reading: Galatians 3:29; Ephesians 3:6; James 1:2-3

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