Give God the final say

Yesterday during a teacher meeting one of the teacher leaders said that he makes sure that every teacher meeting on his team ends on a good note. He started this practice years ago when his team of teachers had a group of tough kids and parents and it was easy for the teachers to vent and be frustrated at every meeting. What he instituted was that someone needed to share a positive experience they had had in the past with kids at the end of the meetings. After the positive note, no one could say anything and the meeting was then adjourned. I loved that idea. It made me think of how we all need to let God have the final say in every situation. We should let things end on a good note, on a God note. How many times have we let bitterness and frustration speak over our situations? How many times have we let negativity have the final say?



Every time we give a voice to negativity, we damage our spiritual structure. We make a hole in our faith and we kick love out of our system. “Love?” you might be wondering. Yes, when we speak negatively about our circumstances, we are promoting God’s love. We are underlining what the enemy is doing and glorifying it. God should be on that pedestal. Not the opposition. We are not giving God credit for His goodness but instead we are elevating the enemy to a place where he has become the center of our attention. Our words have a lot of power. They can inject negativity in our lives or they can build up our lives on a good foundation. I choose to have the Lord be my foundation. He is the start and the end of everything in my life so I need to always give Him the final say. I am where I am because of Him and I am going where I am because of Him. Today I am encouraging you to end everything on a good note. Don’t let the enemy poke fun of you when he gets you to spew his poison by speaking negatively about your situation. Give God the final say!



I have been in many meetings where the negativity was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. The atmosphere was so loaded with anger and frustration that people were affected by the bad vibes long after the meeting. That kind of toxic environment makes it easy for our thoughts to go down the wrong path. It’s a terrible domino effect. It’s one bad thing after another. You hear bad things, you think them, you overthink them, you act on them and they take over your day. Before you know it, all you talk about is how bad your life is when in reality it was just one episode that spoiled the rest of the chapter of your life. Don’t let that seed grow. Don’t feed it. Don’t cultivate it. Starve it before it multiplies. Don’t water it with more negative words. Negativity has a way of keeping people captive. It is like a headlock that paralyzes you and that puts you in a dangerous place. It’s a place that is hard to come back from. Negativity is a village where you can find company very easily because it is so contagious. It almost feels normal and natural to be negative. However, it’s a “normal state” that the Lord doesn’t want for us. The venting, the complaining and the negative chatter are not God’s best for our lives. He knows very well that they will only destroy us little by little.


What I do now is, before I say something that is going to hurt me spiritually, I give it to God. I pray about it. I sometimes ask Him what is going on but I have made it a habit to give Him the final say. How? I say what His Word says. One of my go-to strategy is proclaiming that the Lord is with me all the time. I say that He will never forsake me and that He oversees my life so I have nothing to worry about. Just hearing myself say that helps tremendously. Prayer is my way of giving God the final say. I pray about it instead of complaining about it. When things look bad, I tend to read the Word and celebrate the One who gives life even when a situation seems dead. What would the Lord say about your situation? Find a scripture that covers what you are going through and declare it over your problem. Keep at it. Don’t let the king of liars steal the show. The King of Kings is the show and He will show you great things when you hold on to Him. Give Him the final say by staying positive!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 16:1; Proverbs 19:21; James 1:16-18

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