Being alone with God

When I drive to work, I make a left on the main road. I take route 7 every day. Sometimes when it looks congested, I go straight and I take backroads. A few days ago, I went straight and there was no one on the backroads the whole way to work. It was peaceful and very pleasant. I loved my ride to work even more. It was just me, my music and the Lord. It felt like I had easy access to the heart of God because I was in such a serene state and I was able to focus on the Lord in my car. When there is a lot of traffic it is harder to concentrate and I must pay attention to a lot of things around me. The distractions on the road take away some of my focus. I can still praise but there is more of a sense of being on alert the whole time. Going straight to the heart of God without interruption is very beneficial. It is a good way to hear from God and to seek His face. There is so much noise and so much distraction in our lives that we can’t always give God all the attention He deserves. Today I am inviting you to take the road less traveled and be one with God. I am inviting you to take the backroads and travel in the peace of the Lord. Take a break from the crowds. Get off the main road and go deeper in your connection with God. Be alone with God and you will get a crowd of messages and revelations.



Jesus took the time to be alone with the Father. He would isolate Himself and talk to God. That one-on-one time with the Father was precious to Him. This makes me think that if it mattered to Him it should really matter to us as well. God loves and cherishes all of us so one on one time with us is dear to His heart. It is always nice to do things that please the Lord and time alone with Him is definitely one of the things He delights in. I understand that the demands of the day get in the way but the biggest demand in our lives so to speak should be to have time for God. It is not a demand per say. It is a need. We all need it. Time alone with God gives us energy, peace, joy and it resets our inner framework. It puts everything back into place and it helps us grow in His love. We can’t spend time seeking God’s face without coming out with a new face. God’s face will always rub off on us when we contemplate it, learn from it and adore it. You can tell when someone has spent time with God. Be that person who spends time with God and whose countenance reflects the smile of the Lord. It is always time well spent and it will change your life for the best.



Do you have a place you can go where everything is peaceful and quiet? If not, I strongly recommend that you find one. It can be a room in your house or a place outside. It can be indoors or in nature. What matters is that you can be in peace and just give God your full attention. Find that road where there are no cars. Find that backroad where silence and calm reign so you can connect with the One who reigns forever. It is hard to “find” God among the commotion of the day. He is there for sure but the sounds muffle His voice and the busyness stands in the way. We shouldn’t be too busy for God. When we are, we get disconnected. We try to call Him but we keep getting disconnected. It’s in the midst of peace that we will see His face. It’s when we isolate ourselves that we become more aware of His presence. Let’s be sure we have time alone with God. Any time of the day is fine as long as there is time dedicated to Him. Let’s be like Jesus and spend time with God. The crowds can wait. Go to your solitary place on a daily basis and pray. Go to your mountainside by yourself and connect with the Lord. He will show you the beauty of the road that took you there and you will see His face shown through His love, grace and mercy. Spend time alone with God today!


Suggested reading: Mark 1:35; Matthew 14:23; Luke 6:12



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