The future is looking good

I have written a lot about worrying about the future and what is going to happen. It is more and more evident to me these days that my future is in God’s hands and I must let go of the fear of the unknown. I need to put down the book of the future that my mind has been writing and pick up the Book of Life that the Lord has given us. What does my future look like? It looks very good because the Lord describes it in His Word as being part of His plan. My future and your future are in the Book of Life. They are mentioned in the Word of God and they are all planned out. You and I have to stop imagining the worst and start expecting the best. Our thoughts and our faith create miracles when they are aligned. Having faith in the promise that God has plans to prosper us, to give us hope and a future is amazing. Don’t you want to have amazing faith? I do. Today we should renew our minds and believe that our future is planned and it is going to be great. The more we say it in faith and believe, the more we will see it come to pass. “Dream big” is great advice. With God we should be dreaming extra big because He has no limitations. What is going to happen in the future, is going to demonstrate God’s goodness and His beautiful plans for us. There will be trials and tribulations but the sorrow that comes with them can’t compare to the joy that will make its way into our lives.


Have you ever made a list of what you would like to see happen in your life? I did once and God has exceeded my expectations. I am not saying that we should give our list to God and ask Him to bless it. It’s ok to have a picture of what our lives should look like but we should know they will most likely look nothing like what we had in mind. We could come up with a schedule for every month of the next few years but God has His own schedule and His own plans. I think I used to put too much effort into building a future that I was controlling. I didn’t always realize that I wanted my will to be done over the Lord’s. It’s when I invited faith as a main guest in my house that I started to see major clean-up and restructuring of my house so to speak. Faith got rid of the dust that worry left in every corner of my mind. Faith swept the dirt and moped the floor of lamentations. It made everything look spotless and fresh. Faith always gives a nice perspective and leaves you with a clean mind. It is a good sleep aid and a perfect supplement to your daily spiritual intake. Faith will always reveal that your future looks very good because it is designed by the Savior. Faith is the best companion we can have. Let’s be close to faith all the time!


What does a bright future look like? It looks like a journey where the Lord’s light is always shining and where darkness never gets the final word. A bright future is a smiling future. It is a future that embraces the best that life has to offer through the Lord. It is a future that never worries and that never complains. It is just joyful and full of hope. It is a future that depends on the Lord and it knows that victory and peace will always be part of the deal. It is a future that is so bright that dark spots don’t matter. They won’t spoil the bigger picture ever. A bright future is loaded with God’s presence and God’s love because it acknowledges Him in everything. If negative thoughts are telling you that your future is bleak, know that God is still telling you that He is holding your future in His hands. He won’t let anything harm and damage you. He will be with you during the trials of life and He will paint everything in bright colors again especially when the sky is gray. The future is looking very good, friend. The Lord has it in His plan book and He has scheduled great blessings for you. His timing is perfect and His intervention is always pertinent. Have great hopes in the Lord and your future will be full of hope!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 15;13; Philippians 1:6


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