Start your day with “I love You”

How do you start your mornings? The first few minutes, the first couple of hours are very crucial. What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for your day. It’s like setting up your GPS for the day. You can set it to take you down a scenic route or you can set it for tolls and main busy roads. I like the scenic route. I like to set the tone for a day where peace will be driving me around even if there is chaos on the road. I like taking the route that will keep me in the lane of joy instead of the lane of overthinking and bitterness. My GPS is really spelled G.O.D. The Lord sets up the tone for my day because I go to Him first. He is my priority in the morning and He stays present in my mind throughout the day. I start my day by telling Him simply that I love Him. The first words out of my mouth are words of praise and admiration for Him. It doesn’t matter what happened the day before or how I slept. I make my words matter and they are directed to the Lord. “I love You” is a powerful statement and the Lord deserves every powerful word we know. How often do we tell the Lord that we love Him in plain language? I have to admit that I don’t do it often but I will make sure that I say it to Him all the time especially when my day starts.


What happens when we tell the Lord we love Him first thing in the morning? Well we are telling the world that it doesn’t come first. We are putting our focus on the One that truly matters. We are professing our faith. We are getting grounded and centered in perfect love. We are showing a desire to be close to Him. We are making a declaration that annoys the enemy. We are speaking a truth that transcends everything. We are taking a step toward perfection. We are making the Lord happy and we are making Him smile although He always smiles. When we tell someone we love them, we show that we choose them over someone else in most cases. “I love You” means “Let me put You before me, Lord.” It would be easy to start the day in self-pity and to entertain that early anxiety that is so common. With “I love You, Lord” we decide to ignore the bad and lift up the good. Every time we delve into negative thoughts and feelings at the start of the day, we are saying “I love you, negativity” in a way. It is a bit of a stretch but it boils down to giving more energy to negativity than to the Lord. The enemy doesn’t merit our “I love you.”



Setting the right tone for the day makes a world of difference. The “I love You” we give to God resonates throughout the day if we let it come back over and over in our minds. My morning devotion is like an appetizer. It helps me develop my spiritual appetite and it makes me want to have more. The main course for the day is what happens between my morning prayer and my prayers before bed. I like the main course because the Lord sets it before me on the table of the day. I eat it with joy and I devour the day with praise. I keep the praises going and I stay connected to the Lord in my heart. “I love You” remains a part of me and it helps me stay in the right lane and enjoy the scenic route. “I love You” is a big proclamation of gratitude as well. “I love You, Lord for who you are and what you do” is what we are saying. It’s a big “Thank You, Lord for this new day. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” If you are not starting your day in gratitude and in love with God, I strongly recommend it. See how it affects the rest of your day. Let it be a daily thing. Start your day with love and you will end it in peace. Tell the Lord ‘I love You” first thing every day!


Suggested reading:  Psalm 84:10; Psalm 118:24; Nehemiah 8:10


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