When things fall apart

Today is the first day of fall or autumn. It’s a season of big changes. Leaves change colors and create a beautiful scene where nature dons one of its most gorgeous dresses. I live in an area known for its delightful foliage in the fall. The leaves sing in harmony with the scenery and make this orchestra that illustrates the beauty of the Lord nicely. Then the leaves come down and there is desolation in the land. It could appear to be a bad stage but in reality, it happens in order to prepare for another season. Winter comes in and coats the land with its terrific blanket of snow. Leaves fall and things seem to come apart but they pave the way for newness. It all makes me think about how things fall apart in life way too often. We believe we have a good grip on life and things are steadily going well and all of a sudden everything falls apart. You might be going through a phase now when everything is falling apart. You might be experiencing a dreadful autumn. Fall might be hitting you, skipping the nice foliage stage and going straight to the leaves coming down and all trees in your life are bare. It feels like you have lost everything and you won’t have enough to stay warm in the winter. Friend, when things fall apart, God still has a plan. His plan is to put it all back together even better than it was before. Your life is being rebuilt right now. The leaves might be gone but the Lord is right there putting a new coat over your trees and preparing you for a great season. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Fall is here but the Lord is using it to put things back together in the form of a blessing that will blow your mind!


When you think about what Jesus endured on the cross and the Crucifixion, you have an idea of what things look like when they are falling apart. Think about how His disciples and His mother felt. For them it was the end. Jesus suffered a horrible pain and He died on the cross. When you look at it that way, you realize that the bigger the destruction the bigger the restoration. His life fell apart and was destroyed but it wasn’t the Lord’s final say. He had a plan and things falling apart was part of that giant plan. The veil fell. The curtain closed and it looked like all was done and there was no chance of survival. Jesus did die but He came back to life. He fell apart but He was back together in the light of His glory and no one, absolutely no one could have stopped it. The enemy thought it was a win for himself but he saw the manifestation of his loss. It was a win-win situation for the Lord. He could not have lost. His falling apart gave way to the most extraordinary season the world will ever know; the season of salvation. That season is still here today!


There is redemption and salvation coming into your situation, friend. The leaves have fallen but your hope is high. Don’t look at the dead leaves, look at the tree of life that is alive and well. God is picking up the pieces of your broken circumstances and He is building something majestic and grandiose for His glory. Stay in faith during this fall season. A new day is coming. Celebrate the season of joy that is upon you. Celebrate the One who is bringing about this season for you. Don’t give the enemy the luxury of seeing you fall apart. You are not broken. You are on the mend. God is making something beautiful and soon you will see it. Let your faith get you through this season. God is not done with you. God will not leave you with a pile of dead leaves. He is putting together a blessing that will awaken the joy in you. When things fall apart, it’s not the end. It’s a new beginning. Let the Lord take care of you during this season. Enjoy the beauty all around you. Keep the beautiful scenery mentality and let go of the dead leaf mentality. A new life is being put into your situation. Stay strong. The best is yet to come!


Suggested reading: John 11:25-26; Luke 24:2-3; Acts 4:33


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