You are not in the wilderness anymore

Praise the Lord and lift up His name because He is about to do something new in your life. Rejoice in Him and exalt His name. What the Lord is going to do has never been done before. He is going to do a new thing that will stand out in your life. Your faith in Him is the key that is going to open the door to an avalanche of blessings that you have never seen before. He is the God of miracles and miracles are about to flood your life. Don’t stand on the sidelines. Jump into this river of bliss and mercy. It’s going to be grace upon grace as you pour praise upon praise into your everyday life. Keep adoring Jesus all the time because when you do, your life reflects His goodness and you start looking like Him. Your time in the wilderness is over. Let faith get you completely out of that dry season. You are not there anymore and you are not going back. Stay in the rain of the Spirit. Stay in the showers of joy. Peace is your weather pattern from now on. You are not dwelling in the thunder of sorrow and despair. Don’t let you mind take you there. You are not a resident there anymore. God has given you a new address on the street of salvation.


You roamed for too long and now the Lord is showing you that He is directing your steps and your next steps are on solid ground away from the sinking sand of fear and doubt. The love and the peace you are going to experience are not a mirage because you are not in the desert anymore. Get your eyes used to seeing the goodness of the Lord in action. Get your mind lined up with the Lord’s plan of restoration and grace. The old days are behind you. Don’t look back and don’t have any regrets. The blood of the Lamb has cleansed you. Move on and keep walking. Get on the road of victory. It is where you will be walking from now on. Don’t get distracted by the side roads of life. Don’t take detours and don’t go down shortcuts. Stay in the moment and enjoy the scenery. No more dead scenes. No more dunes, no more doom. God has taken the wilderness out of you and He has replaced it with His water of life. His Spirit is in you and with you.


Now, live your life outside of the wilderness. Start the good life. Start the life where your goal is to share the mind of Christ and be aware of it all the time. You are entering a phase of abundance. You are entering a lavish land of beauty and blooming joy. You are going to see that everything on your path is there for a reason and this is going to allow you to stay positive and to stay grateful. There will be no accident or coincidence on the way. God knows everything that is coming your way. Remember that every puddle is not just mud but it’s mostly water and that water is there to bless you and not to drown you. Look at the face of peace in the puddles on your journey. Smile during the thunderstorm and laugh when it’s raining. You are not in the wilderness anymore. You have been found. Love found you and got out of the drought. Praise the Lord and lift up His name because He is about to do something new in your life. Rejoice in Him and exalt His name. You are not in the wilderness anymore!


Suggested reading: Jeremiah 2:6; Isaiah 40:3-5; Hebrews 11:1


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