Give people the benefit of the fruit of the Spirit

One thing we try to teach our students at my school is how to be compassionate and how to share. We want them to have the skills they will need to be good citizens and sharing is important in a world where selfishness is common. We try to break the mold of “me first” and help them get to the frame of mind of “let me give you what I have”. It’s an idea that might discourage some educators but I find that we have done a fairly good job with it. We model sharing and giving. We first make our students realize that they have things to share and to give. It’s essential to know our worth and to know what we can bring to this world. On a spiritual level, knowing what the Lord has given us is also very important because He gives us so we can give to others. Our gifts and our skills are meant to bless others. God, through His divine Spirit, has given us the fruit of the Spirit. I mention it often because it is a big part of who the Lord is. I also see the fruit as a goal we should pursue. To be more like Jesus is an amazing goal and the best aspiration we can have. What can we share and give to this world that is collapsing under the weight of hatred and division? You and I have so much we can give. Why? Because we have the One who owns it all. The One who provides more than enough, the One who has no limitations lives in us. We ought to recognize it and live our lives with the blessed assurance that He is doing a great job in us.



The Holy Spirit is doing a wonderful job in our hearts, gently inviting us to make Him the main guest in the temple of our hearts. He has to compete with the wiles and the desires of this world and it is up to us to let Him be the permanent guest of honor or be the occasional visitor who is given a seat in the back of the room. He lives in us and we have the power to know Him better and to let Him show up and show off His love. Faith and trust get us to that place where we solely rely on Him and lean on Him more than on our understanding. The Holy Spirit is the producer of good fruit. It is that fruit that we need to constantly welcome and cherish. It is good all the time and it can grow if we get in sync with the nurturing process. That process implies yielding to God and giving Him our everything. There is nothing in this world better than the Lord but as we contend with the flesh, we are faced with obstacles and hurdles that keep us from seeing how good the fruit is. Love, faith, patience, joy and peace are part of this incredible fruit. When our minds and our flesh get in the way, the fruit loses its appeal and carnal desires ravage our hearts. It is my prayer that we give in to God so we can give the world what it needs the most, love being at the top of the list.



Discipline and an open heart before God are two powerful ingredients for a great recipe that will sprinkle love and peace around us. Look at it as the Holy Spirit pumping love and all the good fruit into us and we, the vessels, pumping it out to the world so that a flood of goodness overtakes the people that are craving peace. We need that kind of a flood. We need some torrential rains of love. The good fruit is life-changing and we have that life-changing agent in us. We can’t let it go to waste. We must keep it alive and we have to maintain it. Good things come with great benefits and we can give people the benefit of God’s goodness by showing them love, bringing them into peace and rubbing our joy off on them. Every fruit of the Spirit has the ability to make someone’s life better. You and I are bearers of that fruit and we can distribute the fruit at any time. Let’s forget about the benefits we get from the fruit and let’s put others before us. Would you give someone the benefit of the fruit of the Spirit today and make sure they are blessed? You have the peace, the joy, the love, the kindness that someone has been longing for!


Suggested reading: Galatians 5:22; 1 Corinthians 16:14; Colossians 3:14

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