When God opens the door for you

I believe introspection is important especially when we put the Lord in the middle of it. Getting revelation from the inside with the assistance of the Holy Spirit is a precious key that we need in life when we are faced with all sorts of doors. Some doors present themselves as a mystery and getting in requires an act of God. I have seen doors that were like secret codes that seemed impossible to crack. I have dealt with doors that were more like barriers that stood in the way and that kept me from getting to where I needed to go. The truth is that the Lord can open any doors and He makes sure that some doors never open because they lead to places that would hurt us more than they would bless us. We have a concept of what a blessing looks like based on the world’s recommendations but what the world professes is not often in agreement with what the Lord says.



I have knocked on doors that looked so nice on the outside but they were doors to houses of deceit, evil and deception. We can’t trust that every opportunity in life is going to be a blessing. Some opportunities can be destructive but even then, the Lord can use them as steppingstones. The goal is to stay close enough to the Lord to receive discernment and to be led down the right paths. Decisions can be very hard to make and without the counsel of the Spirit of God we can end up making the wrong decisions. If you are in front of a door today and you don’t know what’s behind it, I want to encourage you to dive into your relationship with God and find the answers you need in the ocean of His love. He has all you need. He can lead you through the mazes of unopened doors but you have to lean on Him and stay in Him to find your way in the sea of confusion. The Holy Spirit is the best friend we can have and we can’t take Him lightly.



I have seen many doors close in my face for no reason. There didn’t appear to be a valid reason. The doors were doors to jobs or to social opportunities. The rejection from the closed doors hurt and left wounds and scars that only the Lord was able to erase. When I was close to finishing college, I was determined to work for a non-profit organization in the D.C area. I didn’t care too much about the organization itself but the non-profit concept was calling my name. I had a plan. It sounded great. It sounded pure and it sounded fulfilling. I had a desire to help people and touch people’s lives and such organizations seemed to be a good fit. The starting salaries were low but I didn’t mind, mostly because I had no idea how expensive life was in that part of the country. Long story short I received a lot of rejection letters or I just simply didn’t hear from some of the organizations. Every time it happened, I questioned God. I thought “Hey God, what went wrong?” I felt like God was broken. I felt like God was letting me down. I was puzzled and confused. Why wasn’t God honoring my requests and giving me the desires of my heart? The answer was simple; my desires didn’t align with His desires for my life. By pursuing these plans, I was pursuing a path that was taking me away from God. It is when I asked the Lord to show me what I needed to do and what career He had for me that doors started opening.



When I let the Spirit of the Lord guide me gently down the roads of my destiny, things became smoother. The road had fewer roadblocks and the gates of opportunities flung wide open. I saw what the Lord wanted me to do. I opened myself to becoming a teacher, an educator and the doors were always open. I would go to a place of opportunities and find the door wide open. It was as if I had nothing to do but to step right in. The Lord made it that easy. The Holy Spirit led me to all the places that He had put on my life agenda and every place was an oasis of blessings. When God opens the door for you, you don’t even have to hold the handle and turn it. You will find the door wide open and all you will have to do is go in and make yourself at home. God can give you a home in the most unexpected places and you will fit right in and enjoy the coziness of that place of opportunities. Don’t get discouraged if a door doesn’t open. God has given you a master key that will open all the right doors; your faith combined with your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Let God open the door for you!


Suggested reading: John 10:9; 2 Corinthians 2:12; Revelation 3:8

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